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by (@BHSmithNYC)

Who Are The 10 Most High-Pitched Singers In Heavy Metal And Hard Rock?

Few things are as essential to the sound of classic heavy metal as the high-pitched banshee howl of its vocalists. Starting with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, heavy metal bands engaged in a vocal arms raise as successive waves of singers went ever upward into the highest reaches of their range. Forget smashing guitars, some of the metal’s highest screamers could shatter glass with their histrionic shrieking. Read more…

by (@BHSmithNYC)

Human Riffs: Who Are Rock’s 10 Greatest Rhythm Guitar Players?

The sound of rock n’ roll, whether it be heavy metal, classic rock or punk, is the sound of the electric guitar. And while the lead players of the world get the groupies, I mean, glory, it’s the rhythm guitarists who make the whole thing work, and rock, in the first place. Without a great song, anchored around a surging riff or bashed out chord progression, even the greatest guitar solo in the world is just meaningless noodling. With that in mind we decided to count down 10 of the greatest rhythm guitar players in rock history. Read more…