The Real Housewives of Atlanta

by (@emilyexton)

Kenya Moore Adds “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” To Real Housewives Musical Canon

Kenya Moore, the former Miss USA and newest Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, takes issue with people who question her limitations, and straight up can’t stand those who mix up her pageant title. You see, she’s part of American history, someone your children will soon be learning about in Social Studies once all reports on the effects of Laguna Beach on adolescent development have been presented to the class.

Since she’s already engaged in a massive vacation blow-out and coined her own phrase, soon to be plastered across Bravo merchandise everywhere, the only thing left on her Real Housewives to-do list is record a hit single. And because these things don’t really take flight until they’re brought to life with beefy male backup dancers (see: Danielle Staub‘s live rendition of “Too Close” and Michaele Salahi‘s verison of “Bump It”) Kenya brought the first liiiive performance of the year to Bravo’s Clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night. Her outfit was hot and her stage presence was undeniable–such a power stance likely comes from many hours strutting across a stage; her twirl was obviously perfected during her dramatic exit following a shouting match with Portia Stewart–but it all came together for me when she collapsed to the floor in what was either triumph or exhaustion. Performing takes a lot out of you, and we do not know the date of her last spa day.

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