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Who Said It Best: X-Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 5)

Audition rounds are over, but the battle is just beginning for the competitors of X Factor and The Voice. And now we’ll really see how the mentoring skills of those shows respective pop-stars-turned-reality-TV-judges, Britney Spears and The Voice’s Christina Aguilera, hold up.

We’ve been pitting them head-to-head in that age-old Britney vs. Christina rivalry each week, declaring one the ultimate star spotter. So pick a side then rip into both with us in our comments section.

Team Britney


Sassiest Comment: “She’s definitely possessed.” Read more…

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Who Said It Best: X-Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 4)

If you’re over TV talent show audition rounds, say “do-re-mi!” That sounded a little off-key, but we won’t judge. What we will critique are the skills of our favorite pop-stars-turned-reality-TV-judges, X Factor‘s Britney Spears and The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera.

We’ve been pitting them head-to-head each week to decide who is the master star spotter on her respective show. As always, we name our winner, but feel free to affect your best Simon Cowell impression and rip into both in our comments section.

Team Britney

Sassiest Comment: “I think Sister C’s annoying. Really not likeable.” While everyone else was gushing over the new generations’ Dixie Chicks, Britney was the lone voice of dissent  Read more…

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Who Said It Best: X Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera (Week 3)

We’ve been keeping tabs on  The X Factor and The Voice for no other reason than to have fun with the rivalry that will never get old Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera . This time instead of who’s the best pop superstar, we’ve been pitting them head-to-head to see who is the best judge on her respective singing competition show. As always we invite you to speak your mind about who was the better judge.

Team Britney

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Who Said It Best: X Factor‘s Britney Spears Vs. The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera

The addition of Britney Spears to The X-Factor judging panel did more than boost ratings for the Simon Cowell-helmed talent show. It reignited one of the greatest pop rivalries of all time: Britney vs. Christina Aguilera. With X-Tina back as a judge on rival hit talent show The Voice, the pop juggernauts are, once again, going head-to-head to see who is the best judge after years of duking it out on the charts.

Of course we’re going to help stir the pot a little by combing through Britney and Christina’s commentary, comebacks and and crazy moments on their respective shows each week to decide who was the better judge. You can join in by voting for who you think was the bigger star, too.

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Britney Spears Throws Stones While Demi Lovato Shows Her Softer Side On The X Factor Premiere

X Factor Season Premiere

It’s a match made in heaven between Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on this season’s The X Factor. Both of the pop singers were the stars of the show on last night’s season premiere joining judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. And if anyone was worried Britney Spears would be too easy on contestants, she dispelled that notion by coming out the gate swinging with harsh, but hilarious criticisms. “I want to know who let you on stage,” said Spears. “I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me.” Ouch! Someone get that guy a band-aid. Well, that’s what a contestant is going to get from Britney if they insult Demi. Read more…

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Britney Spears Gets Mean In New The X Factor Promo

Based on this new promo, The X Factor will not be all fun and games and Vanilla Ice for Britney Spears. This first footage of Britney at the judges’ table finds Britney shooting down contestants, one after another after another. “Very predictable,” she tells one. “Bad to the bone,” the next. And then, one hand in the air, she snarls devastatingly, “You can’t destroy that song, sweetie.” Look out, Simon Cowell! Brit, apparently, has got a prerogative. Read more…


Britney Spears Gets Down To “Ice Ice Baby”

Britney Spears Dances to Rendition of Ice Ice Baby

Britney Spears doesn’t care who’s around or who’s watching; if she wants to get jiggy with it she will. That is, if it’s a Vanilla Ice song. For Vanilla Ice she will happily jump to her feet, even if she’s at work and if even if none of her co-workers join in. Word to your mother. TMZ reports during the Greensboro, NC auditions for The X Factor Britney couldn’t help herself from boogieing to a contestant’s rendition of the popular 1990s “Ice Ice Baby.” Luckily, someone caught it on camera. Her dance moves are about as old as the song (we saw that little raising of the roof, Brit!), but who cares? The happy, not taking life too seriously Britney is a great look on her. With a new gig and fairly new fiancee there’s much for the pop star to dance about. Dance on. Read more…


POLL: Does Britney Spears Have What It Takes To Judge The X Factor Contestants With Simon Cowell And L.A. Reid?

Britney Spears Joining The X Factor for $15 Million

Pop star diva Briney Spears can now add judge of The X Factor to her ridiculously long list of achievements. Back in March, rumors sparked about the starlet potentially joining judges Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, but nothing was confirmed. E! News reports Spears signed a $15 million contract to judge one season of the popular singing competition show. Would you expect anything less for the one and only Britney Spears? Read more…

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Do You Think Britney Spears Would Make A Good Judge For The X Factor

According to The Hollywood Reporter, they have it on good authority that Britney Spears is deep in negotiations (via her fiance Jason Trawick) to become a judge on The X Factor. Since the show axed judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, there’s been speculation that Simon Cowell will be looking to replace them with some mighty super star strength — and Britney, love her or hate her, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and influential women in pop. As Britney is signed to Sony Music’s RCA Records, which retains exclusive rights to X Factor artists, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Britney on the show. While there’s no comment yet from Britney’s camp, Cowell coyly states, “There’s going to be a lot of twists and turns over the next few weeks and a lot of things we’re going to announce.”

The Hollywood Reporter opines on the matter; “As one of Sony’s Music’s marquee acts (33 million albums sold in the U.S. and counting), Spears brings legitimacy as a successful recording artist, something critics of X Factor say was missing in last year’s competition, as well as a level of unpredictability and drama that also was largely absent from the Fox show when Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were judges.” But what to you think? Would Britney be the perfect judge, given her long, iconic career in the pop spotlight? Or has Britney’s star dwindled with the rise of other popettes, throwing her credibility as a top-tier performer into question? Or do you not care, and think that regardless of her credentials, Brits will bring high drama to the show? Let us know in the poll below!

Britney Spears Nearing Deal to Judge ‘X Factor’ (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones Are Voted Off The X Factor

The X Factor has made some cuts — and it’s not the regular contestants. Causing quite the stir in the music world this morning, judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, and host Steve Jones were all FIRED from the US version of The X Factor last night. According to Rolling Stone, Simon Cowell and his creative team decided to axe Paula and Nicole during a meeting in which they weighed up what worked and what didn’t for the shows debut US season. Reports are saying that Paula was deemed “irrelevant to the mix,” while it remains unclear why Nicole and Steve were cut. While L.A. Reid is staying, it seems that Cowell is keen to bring in bigger names for the second season, and tongues are certainly wagging with speculation…

‘X Factor’ Dumps Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger [Rolling Stone]

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