The Young Blood Chronicles

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Fall Out Boy Break Down The Young Blood Chronicles: Watch Patrick Stump And Pete Wentz’ Complete Video Commentary

Last night Fall Out Boy premiered the final two chapters in The Young Blood Chronicles with the music videos “Miss Missing You” and “Save Rock and Roll.” The series tells the story of a famous rock band who go to literally Hell and back in search of rock and roll redemption over the course of 11 music videos for songs from their album Save Rock and Roll. But what is it they’re really trying to say about the perils of being in a band and what was it like filming them all? Lead singer Patrick Stump and bassist Pete Wentz were kind enough to sit down in front of the cameras and watch the entire series, giving song by song commentary for each video. Read more…

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Go Behind The Scenes Of The Young Blood Chronicles With Fall Out Boy This Thursday

Tomorrow at 9/8C, post-emo pop-rock heroes  Fall Out Boy will premiere on the Palladia network the final two installments  of The Young Blood Chronicles, their ongoing video series based on songs from their hit comeback album Save Rock and Roll. Then Thursdayright here on VH1 Music, you’ll be able to go behind the scenes of the series with FOB singer Patrick Stump and bassist Pete Wentz, as they share song by song commentary of what it was like putting The Young Blood Chronicles together, what mishaps happened during filming, and what the inspirations were for each video.  Read more…

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Fall Out Boy Premiere The Young Blood Chronicles Finale Wednesday On Palladia

Fall Out Boy fans have a lot to be happy about this past year. From the release of their hit comeback album Save Rock and Roll, to their ongoing music video series The Young Blood Chronicles, the band has been staying busy and showing why they deserve a place on rock’s center stage. Now the band is poised to release the Chronicles final two installments, which will premiere this Wednesday May 21st at 9/8C on the Palladia network.

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Fall Out Boys To Men: Patrick Stump And Pete Wentz Discuss Their Past, Present And Future

Since emerging from the humble origins of the greater Chicago punk scene, Fall Out Boy have ridden the roller coaster of mainstream success and all that comes with it. Hit records, underground backlashes, celebrity status, gossip page appearances, personal drama, band drama and so on and so forth. After almost breaking up in 2010 the band went on hiatus before reconvening to start work on what would become their fifth album, 2013’s Save Rock and Roll. Read more…

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Fall Out Boy Tried To Play “Young Volcanoes” In A Minute Flat And You Won’t Believe How Awesome It Is!

Everybody clap your hands! Fall Out Boy‘s addictive and catchy “Young Volcanoes” has been jammed into a brilliant 60-second mix and it’s oozing with molten lava goodness. This band may have emerged from Chicago’s underground hardcore punk scene, but they’ve since spread their wings and they’re flying all over the place now. Sure, they had a two year hiatus that broke all of our hearts, but those days are behind us and we’re focused on the bigger picture now. You know what we’re talking about: their Stop/Watch amazingness, obviously.

Now if you’re a rabid Fall Out Boy fan you’ve probably already seen this but we’d thought we’d put it back on your radar in anticipation of the premiere of the final two installments of The Young Blood Chronicles on Palladia Wednesday May 21st at 9/8C. The band has put together an awesome music video series featuring the songs from their latest album Save Rock and Roll. On top of that the band sat down with to talk about what it was like filming them and what their inspirations were which you can watch here exclusively this coming Thursday May 22nd. Until then, sing along with Patrick Stump and see if you can keep up with his hyper-speed delivery as he sings “Young Volcanoes in a minute flat.