Top 5 Musical Impressions

by (@kat_george)

Jimmy Fallon’s Top 5 Musical Impressions, From Neil Young To Tebowie

Jimmy Fallon is a vocal chameleon — and he’s got us hooked to his ever changing colors. From the pop-tastic Justin Beiber to the folksy Neil Young to his own incredible inventions like the “Tebowie” mashup, Fallon is a convincing parody artist. Pulling off an array of voices so accurate you’d think it was the real deal, Fallon never ceases to amaze with his daring and precision — like he did last night when he sang about New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin in the guise of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Going where no other contemporary comedian so expertly goes, Fallon is who is isn’t, and gives some amazing performances in the meantime. Here are our top five Jimmy Fallon musical impersonations.