Britney Spears Leads Forbes’ Highest Paid Women In Music List

“All you [chicks] is my sons,” is what Britney Spears is somewhere rapping in a mirror after topping Forbes‘ top earning women in music list. Britney indeed made a comeback–a $58 million dollar one. The bulk of the pop singer’s $58 million earning can be attributed to her latest album, Femme Fatale, and its tour. Her fortune increased with endorsements and her fragrance line with Elizabeth Arden. After a rough patch of misfortunes it’s good to see Brit back on top. Read more…

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Kelly Clarkson’s Latest Tour Covers Include Pistol Annies And Madonna, As Chosen By Her Fans

Kelly Clarkson is taking a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s book and including cover songs in her set while she’s on tour promoting Stronger. But unlike Swift, she’s not following a city-by-city guide to pop-stars — instead she’s letting the fans choose! She said on stage at the Riverdome in Bossier City, “‘Cause I got here by fans voting for me 10 years ago, so it’s still cool that y’all are still involved in the show,” before proceeding to play Madonna‘s “Crazy For You.” Kelly’s version of the song was heartfelt and reverent, and if we didn’t know better we would have assumed it was one of her own songs!

In Texas, Kelly covered Pistol Annies‘ “Hell On Heels,” (watch it after the jump) to a clearly ecstatic audience. Like Madonna’s pop classic, Kelly covered the country track to perfection, and we’re quietly impressed by her ability to slip between genres with such ease. Her sultry performance was just perfect for the sexy track, and we’re even thinking she could join the Annie’s for a duet. Earlier in the tour, Kelly also gave great performances of Coldplay’s “Fix You”, Carrie Underwood’s “I Know You Won’t” and Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”, proving definitively that the girl can sing just about anything. We’re looking forward to seeing what else she throws out on tour, and wouldn’t mind making a few requests of our own!

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Prepare To Give Madonna Even More Luvin’ As She Announces A World Tour

Madonna‘s riding the hype train and it doesn’t look like she’s disembarking any time soon. The Queen Of Pop, following her spectacular Super Bowl show (which was overshadowed by that middle finger), has announced that she’ll be taking to the road on tour to promote her forthcoming album, MDNA. The tour will kick of on May 29th in Tel Aviv and will continue until it wraps up States side in late November.

We’re guessing the tour will be just as much as a visual feast as the Super Bowl, and we fancy that Madge will play some of the classic hits too, but what we’re really curious about is the guests. Will she have any? Will she bring M.I.A. back for “Give Me All Your Luvin'” after The Bird Flip That Stopped The World Turning (it’s still unclear as to whether or not the incident was staged, or if Madonna is furious with Maya or not)? Or will Nicki be left to cover both rappers parts, after she behaved like such a good little girl for Mamma Madonna at the Super Bowl?

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Van Halen Confirms Tour, Says David Lee Roth Is Joining Reunion, And Unleashes Promo Video

Van Halen yesterday confirmed that they will indeed be getting back together and taking their rock show back on the road for another spin. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the band has also announced that their original front man, David Lee Roth, will be fronting the tour. And in the most epic way possible, Van Halen have announced all this with a dance and glitter filled video on their website. The inspiring video is set to the sound of the classic “Jump,” and features Roth’s iconic dance moves, Eddie Van Halen‘s shredding guitar and Alex Van Halen‘s banging drums, as well as current bass player Wolfgang (Eddie’s son), all being showered with glitter and rendered in nostalgic black and white. If all that wasn’t enough to make you jump (sorry, we couldn’t resist), the guys will also be working on their first album with Roth in 27 years. Tickets for the tour go on sale on the 10th of January, and we can hear the anticipation as new year’s resolutions are shifted to include seeing the Van Halen legends on stage one more time.

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