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Nicki Minaj Becomes A Barbie For Real, Only Has Her Own Army Of Barbz To Thank

It’s finally happened; Nicki Minaj, the self-proclaimed “Barbie,” has become a Barbie for real. And Nicki is suitably rapt by the homage, telling Billboard, “It shows that my Barbz are special, and everyone loves them as much as I love them, so I want to thank them, most importantly” (“Barbz” being Nicki’s ever-growing legion of fans).

Nicki might be surprised at Mattel choosing her to model a Barbie upon, but we’re not, and it’s not just the moniker that’s pertinent. With her pink hair, stable of wigs, brightly colored fantasy outfits and exceptional proportions, Nicki was always destined to be a Barbie. The limited edition doll will be auctioned via on December 7 and all proceeds will be donated to Project Angel Food in support of those affected by AIDS.

Nicki Minaj: Barbie Doll a ‘Very Major Moment’ for Me [Billboard]


Iggy Pop Wants to Be Your Doll

The Iggy Pop action figure spotted by MTV News at Toy Fair in February is finally available to pre-order (though Toys ‘R’ Us quicky pulled the item’s online listing after a number of fake “product reviews” featuring Stooges puns popped up). Unlike the other action figures in NECA’s “Music Icons” series, Iggy Pop’s figure is designed after his 2011 self, rather than a particularly “iconic” look from the past, like the circa-1975 Jimmy Page figure.

Then again, maybe Iggy Pop’s current look is his iconic look. In the first place, “jeans and shirtless” has been his standard for decades. And granted, he turns 64 on Thursday, but a long-kicked heroin addiction gave him his physique long before age ever had an opportunity. Remember the “Candy” video?

Of course, even at his age, the real Iggy Pop has a few more points of articulation than the scale replica.

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