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by (@emilyexton)

The 8 Musical Moments Of 30 Rock We’ll Miss The Most

30 Rock's Musical Moments We'll Miss Most

Tonight, after seven weird and wonderful seasons, Liz Lemon’s world at 30 Rock comes to an end. Blergh. We’ve been brokenhearted for weeks–crying with one’s mouth doesn’t even begin to explain it–at the thought of saying goodbye to the kooky characters who have become our best friends, eternal crushes, and, in some cases, mortal enemies, as well as the lessons the show within a show has taught us should we ever become famous enough to hire two loquacious and opinionated entourage members.

But there have also been many musical moments that will be greatly missed as well. For Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski), every passing second is an opportunity to audition for someone more famous than Harvey Weinstein, while Lemon’s unique philosophies are always best delivered in song. For a reminder of the longstanding rap beefs of Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and the stunning walk-off tributes for Kenneth Parcel (Jack McBrayer) check out our favorites.

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