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Our 10 Most Memorable Musical Moments From The Twilight Saga

Few movies in recent memory have been so good at integrating popular music into their soundtracks as the Twilight saga has been. The soundtracks — complete with up-and-comers like Sea Wolf as well as old pro’s like Thom Yorke — have true and through become a part of the vampire love story that has so gripped America’s teenagers (and, you know, us) by the heart. And so with the Saga drawing to a close tonight, we thought we would revisit some of our favorite musical moments from throughout the series.

Here are our top ten:

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5 Visual Cues From Pop Culture In Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” Music Video

Forget Madonna Week for a second and take a moment to fawn all over Adam Lambert‘s new video for “Better Than I Know Myself.” But it’s not what you were expecting — instead of grappling with a lover, the video sees Adam’s personality split in two and confined to adjoining rooms, as if under observation, while he attempts to reconcile the dualling elements of his personality. The dichotomy is one that is as relateable to us as breathing — it’s the timeless battle of the little devil on one shoulder, and the little angel on the other. In one room, Adam is a Glampire, dark and brooding, restless and angsty, swigging liquor from the bottle and destroying his environment out of boredom and frustration. In the next room is a peaceful Adam, calm and happy, reading, relaxing, completely at ease in his solitude. With the two facets of Adam’s personality at such distinct odds, which one will rise to the top? We’ll let you watch the video to find out what happens, in the meantime, we’ve picked up on a few visual cues from popular culture that seem to have influenced the video. Do you agree?

1. Adam Cullen?

We guessed that Adam might appear in the video as a vampire, and there are definitely vampyric elements to Adam’s darker self. His pale skin and unsettlingly bright hazel eyes for instance, are reminiscent of Twilight‘s Edward Cullen.

2. The Skin Adam Lives In

It appears that the dual Glamberts are being watched — if only by each other. The imagery of the split room, the stark contrast between the aesthetic of the two rooms, and the voyeuristic wall of glass between them reminded us of the observational room in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2011 film The Skin I Live In, in which an unwitting prisoner is kept and tortured by her Peeping Tom. To an extent, it’s the same in “Better Than I Know Myself,” with each Lambert tormenting the other, simply by the fact of their existence.

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Video Premiere: Bruno Mars, “It Will Rain”

There is a line in Bruno Mars‘s new single, “It Will Rain,” that goes like this: “There’ll be no sunlight/If I lose you baby.” A romantic line, to be sure, but one that shouldn’t be read too literally, especially considering the song’s inclusion on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. After all, as any Twi-Hard worth their salt would tell you, Edward Cullen would probably prefer it if there were no direct sunlight ever again! That way, he and Bella could live out their days without worrying about spending money on silly things like 1000 SPF sunblock and Ray-Bans, and could instead make half-human, half-vampire babies underneath the moonlight for all eternity.

But what we REALLY wanna know is this: How did Bruno and his ladyfriend get their hands on a film canister containing a print of Breaking Dawn a full nine days before the movie hits theaters? We know some peeps down in Chinatown that would pay top dollars to get themselves a bootleg of that reel. Regardless, enjoy this video on your computer monitor for now, but be sure to tune into VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown this weekend to be able to see it in glorious HD on your flatscreen at home!

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