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Green Day Rock Kick Things Into High Gear On Good Morning America

¡Uno!‘s arrival is just two weeks out, and Green Day have kicked things into high gear, dropping videos and performing new material in order to build anticipation before then. Bright and early this morning they played on the roof of Good Morning America, high above Times Square, for a crowd that began gathering late last night. Their four song set included some new (“Oh Love” and “Stay The Night”), some classic (“Holiday” and “Basket Case”), at least one “FREE PUSSY RIOT” cry and a lovely moment during the last act of “Oh Love” where Billie Joe Armstrong’s yell-singing turned sing-songy for a few notes. Check out their performances below, and look for ¡Uno! on September 25th.

“Oh Love”

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by (@zaragolden)

There Will Be Blood In Green Day’s “Kill The DJ” Video

Green Day go full charge ahead in the video for ¡Uno!‘s kicky anthem “Kill the DJ.” Their pretty “Oh Love” ladies kept clearly aside, the clip finds the boys saddled up on big bikes and zipping through the desert, off to find a DJ to kill so that good punk fun can be had by all once more. The hit is only a symbolic one, though, and the only real violence to be had here is a slaying guitar riff. Rather, this is an assault against the dubbed-out sound that seems to be dominating today’s air waves, Green Day’s own and only pretend bloody dubstep demolition. Read more…