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Heavy Metal Valentine’s Day Cards: Show Your Love In The Heaviest Way Possible!

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Ah, Saint Valentine’s Day. The day when you shower your loved ones with bouquets of roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and heavy metal. Heavy Metal? That’s right. Hallmark be damned, this V-Day we’ve put together a special set of Valentine’s Day cards featuring your favorite stars from the world’s of hard rock, glam, thrash and good old classic heavy freakin’ metal. Say that special something to the one you love with Slayer. Do you and your loved one make a good Crüe? Are you Bon Jovi-al when you’re near them? Do they drive you as Wylde as the bearded guitarist of Black Label Society? Like Dio sang, are they your rainbow in the dark? Check out our Heavy Metal Valentine’s Day Cards, download your favorites and share them with the one you love. And if you need to get in the mood while the two of you gorge yourselves on candies listen to our list of Heavy Metal’s 13 Most Romantic Love Songs.

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Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre: Heavy Metal’s 13 Most Romantic Love Songs

What with tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, we’re turning our affections to the heavy metal love song. A rare species indeed. And no, we’re not talking about glam metal power ballads here, because those are anything but rare, and usually anything but metal. We’re talking about real heavy metal bands. Bands that are typically, consistently and truly heavy but aren’t afraid to show a different side. Bands that prove that beneath the hardened, aggressive, angry-as-hell exterior lies a warm, fuzzy, though perhaps blackened, center. Bands that prove that at the end of the day, we’re all human and dare we say, want to be loved. And though this form of love may be metal-infused, it is nonetheless there. From to Pantera to Slipknot, romance doesn’t seem to be a foreign concept to these dudes. So to celebrate our undying love of metal here’s a list of 13 Heavy Metal Love Songs. But don’t you dare go calling them soft.  Read more…


Name That Tune: Sex Songs Edition


There’s one thing about February you can pretty much guarantee: when Valentines Day comes along the libido heads for the red zone. Appropriately, the conversation starts to tilt toward the nasty side of the street. All those sweet nothings are about something quite specific on 2/14, and they’ve got to do more with the boudoir than they do with a bouquet of flowers. We’re wondering if you know which tunes to play when you get upstairs, and we’re wondering if you can guess which lyrics of lust belong to which artists. Our new site can help you decipher the words to loads of songs. See if you can match all the dirty talk below to one of the singers pictured above. The answers are found after the jump. Click on the quote to see the full (sexy) song lyrics.

1. “If you’re liking what you’re tasting baby, let me know”

2. “Dive if you want to be a diver/wear a helmet with a light like an old gold miner”

3. “Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve got between those thighs, oh”

4. “For this body, so buttery brown and tantalizing/you would think I needed help.”

5. “You got me in a crazy position/if you’re on a mission, you’ve got my permission”

6. “I got a problem, I’m outta my mind over your body/women like you steal my control”

7. “Feel my rain come pourin’, soaking your lips’, baby…oooh”

8. “Your girl acting stank, then call me over/not on the bed, on the sofa/phone before you come, I need to shave my chocha.”

9. “You constantly seek me tonguing up and down on you/It’s time to pop your knees/it’s hot up in this peace”

10. “Maybe go to my place and kick just like Tae Bo/possibly bend you over, look back and watch me”

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