Vanity Projects

by (@unclegrambo)

Kim Kardashian Eschews Both Subtlety And Innuendo In New Music Video

Thanks to the vocally-challenged likes of Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton, musical vanity projects emanating from the reality starlet universe already have a pretty poor reputation. However, this already disreputable genre is about to get a downgrade that makes what Standard & Poor did to the US credit rating look like small potatoes.

A 55-second snippet of Kim Kardashian‘s previously-thought-to-be-shelved singing debut, “Jam,” emerged yesterday on the KimKardashianMusic YouTube channel in the form of a music video. It features the recently married sex tape star crawling around on all fours in what looks to be a neon-lit air shaft, all the while licking her cherry red lips in slo-mo and shaking her oiled-up tailfeather in a way that would make Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee proud. There is no pretense of “art” in it whatsoever; rather, it’s so blatantly over the top with how it presents Kardashian as a sex object that it makes Warrant‘s treatment of Bobbi Brown in “Cherry Pie” look positively chivalrous by comparison. That said, this “leaked” video managed to rack (heh heh) up 2.2 million views in the last 24 hours, so clearly she must be doing something right.

Remember Kardashian’s Pop Career? Kim’s Shelved Music Video Leaks [Reality Rocks/Yahoo]

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