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She Comes In Colors Everywhere: St. Vincent Talks About Having Synesthesia

It’s been quite a year so far for Annie Clark, better known by her stage name of St. Vincent. First she set the indie world afire with her latest self-titled album, her fourth overall, before being asked to be one of the stand-ins for fallen alt rock icon Kurt Cobain at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction performance and this past weekend rocked the stage at Saturday Night Live season finale. One of music’s most fascinating artists, Annie recently sat down with VH1 News and talked about how her music is influenced from her having “a mild case of Synesthesia,” a rare sensory disorder in which the senses merge and comingle. In her case, when she hears or writes music she sees also sees corresponding colors, giving a whole new meaning to singing the blues. Find out why she sees her new album as red and what colors she sees when she hears other songs off the new album.

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Fleetwood Mac Talks Tumultuous Past: “We All Paid A Price For That Emotionally”

We had the nerve-wracking honor of sitting down with Fleetwood Mac recently and chatted with the iconic band about their upcoming tour and the re-issue of their album Rumours, which celebrated its 35th anniversary this week. Most interesting was the group’s willingness to discuss their torrid, rocky personal past with each other, which included break ups, make ups, affairs, drug abuse and lots of legendary songs about it all. The band says that emotions and feelings still pop up when performing together on-stage, where their songs live on even after the old feelings and feuds they detail have long-since died.

“All those feelings that you have for each other do come out on stage,” Stevie Nicks told VH1.”Because you’re telling the stories when you sing the songs, so you are in a way re-enacting what happened.”  Read more…


VH1 EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato, Brandy, And More Celebs Congratulate Kelly Clarkson On Her Engagement (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson found love in a hopeFUL place. Before Sunday’s VH1 DIVAS rehearsal, the singer excitedly tweeted her engagement to Brandon Blackstock. Later in the evening, she delivered a lively performance of “Catch My Breath” from her recent album, Greatest Hits: Chapter One. But before any of the DIVAS hit the stage, celebrities congratulated Clarkson on her engagement while working the red carpet.

While some celebrities kept their congratulatory words brief, others offered funny advice. Our favorite is Jordin Sparks‘ reaction when asked to give the couple some marital advice. Check out the best quotes from VH1’s video of celebrities congratulating the newly engaged singer. Read more…

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Jim Shearer Scopes VH1 And SCOPE Art Show’s Artists On The Rise

Anybody who is anybody in the art world, and also Rick Ross and Diddy, shipped down to Florida last week to celebrate the latest and greatest in visual arts at Miami’s Art Week. This year, VH1 teamed up with Fiat and SCOPE Art Show to present the work of our three up-and-coming Artists on the Rise and for a raging party that included a Fiat Instagram sharing station and DJ remix bar and a performance from December’s You Oughta Know band, Metric. Because we couldn’t all be there, we send our own Jim Shearer down to scout the scene and report back.

What did he find? One half of DJ duo The Dolls’ Mia Moretti suggesting that emerging artists are important and interesting because “no one’s really judged them yet, the world hasn’t made their decision,”  SCOPE Artist On The Rise artist Patrick Martinez explaining that he approached the show as an opportunity “step-up and shine,” and “Not Over You” star Gavin DeGraw putting aside his guitar to make his debut as a visual artist. “This is ‘The Love Beast of Gavin Degraw,'” he said, titling his sketch before explaining that, “This is how I feel on the inside.” It doesn’t get much more emerging than that.

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Ciara Sizzles On The Set Of Her New Video “Got Me Good”

Ciara fans still have to a minute before her highly anticipated One Woman Army streets on December 4, but thankfully, the sultry R&B chanteuse understands the importance of whetting the her fanbase’s appetite. Although the video for “Got Me Good,” the third single off the new album (following “Sorry” and “Sweat”), won’t drop until Thursday, our pals over at VH1 News were lucky enough to score access to the set while the video was being shot in the scorching California desert last month.

“I was burning hot,” Ciara admitted after the day’s shooting wrapped, which is also an apt description for the finished video from the woman who “very well may be the sexiest woman in the world” according to Global Grind. (Suffice to say, we’re not gonna argue with that statement.) Ciara was able to power through the extreme heat on the set that day without missing a beat, thanks in large part to the work of her trainer. “Thank god for my trainer, Gunnar [Peterson], we trained so much together when we get ready for stuff like this,” Ciara explained. “You just have to really work on good cardio movement, cardiovascular excercises, to really keep your wind up. And we just stayed really consistent with it.” Words to live by, folks.

Ciara’s new video for “Got Me Good” will debut here on VH1 Tuner on Thursday, October 25.

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Uprising: Hip-Hop & The L.A. Riots: The Spotify Playlist

Uprising: Hip-Hop & The L.A. Riots premieres on VH1 tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and is the latest entry in VH1’s award-winning Rock Docs series. The documentary film, narrated by Snoop Dogg, takes a look back at the riots that occurred in the wake of the Rodney King verdict exactly twenty years ago this week, and the role that hip-hop played in both predicting and ultimately chronicling the tension between the residents of South Central and the police.

The film premiered in Los Angeles last week, and our colleagues over at VH1 News got some 1:1 time with Arsenio Hall before the film began. He detailed for us a story of how Ice Cube passed along a cassette tape to him with an early version of “F*** The Police” on it, which led Arsenio to (ultimately unsuccessfully) lobby his corporate bosses to book N.W.A. on his eponymous talk show. It’s a fascinating anecdote, and one that reflects a time that’s increasingly hard to remember, a time when hip-hop hadn’t yet fully made its way into mainstream American culture.

We also put together a Spotify playlist for you below, Music from Uprising: Hip-Hop & The L.A. Riots, which contains most of the music that you’ll hear in the documentary film tonight, songs like N.W.A.’s aforementioned “F*** Tha Police,” Ice Cube’s “We Had To Tear This Mothaf***a Up” and Dr. Dre’s “The Day The N***** Took Over,” among others.

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Jason Mraz Gets Deep On The Topic Of Love At Sundance

Jason Mraz gave some insights on love at Sundance, and revealed the inspiration behind his hit song “I Won’t Give Up.” Speaking candidly about his songwriting, Mraz said, “as a writer I always write about things going on in my life, and what I know, what I’ve been through. And I feel like if there’s ever been a profound shift in my life, or something that’s occurred to me that’s woken me up or got me to the next level, that’s when it’s best to write a song and gives me purpose in writing music as well.” He goes on to talk about lost love and the continuation of love even after a relationship breaks down, and it sounds like he’s really speaking from honest experience (Mraz also gave a heartfelt performance at Sundance, which you can watch after the jump).

And it seems like the heartache isn’t turning out so bad for Mraz after all — aside from seeming to stay very positive about his breakup, “I Won’t Give Up” is proving to connect with audiences, perhaps showing that there’s still a desire for emotion and sincerity in pop music. Debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 8, “I Won’t Give Up” (now sitting tight at number 22), selling 229,000 downloads and debuting at number one on the Digital Songs Chart (Mraz first ever digital number one). See him perform below!

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Exclusive: Matthew McConaughey Discusses The Reincarnation Of Dazed And Confused‘s Wooderson In New Butch Walker Music Video

Matthew McConaughey‘s performance as the lecherous yet lovable Wooderson in 1993’s Dazed And Confused remains one of cinema’s most iconic portrayals of a stoner. Now, in a totally unexpected twist, L.A. glam popper Butch Walker has convinced his buddy McConaughey to revisit the character in the upcoming music video for his song “Synthesizers.”

We caught up with McConaughey and Walker on the set of the video shoot in Los Angeles late last month, and Mr. J.K. Livin’ himself about reincarnating the character of Wooderson after nearly 20 years. “If you love Dazed and you loved Wooderson, you’ll see this and you’ll probably get the tickle box pretty quick,” McConaughey told us. After securing permission from Dazed writer and director Richard Linklater to use the character, Walker and McConaughey had fun envisioning what Wooderson might be like in today’s society. “It’s some new things that Wooderson never did [in Dazed],” McConaughey explains, “But we’re trying to keep it pretty close to the bone for who he might be today and things he might be into that you wouldn’t expect.” We can’t wait to see what those things are, but we have a sneaking suspicion that he’s still into high school girls, man; after all, he might be older, but they’re still the same age.

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Common Calls Kanye A Genius, Wants To Work With Mumford And Sons

Talking to Common is like being sucked into a sexy, soulful vortex filled with sensitive, meaningful eye contact and Miles Davis shout outs. Really, this man is a creative god with out of this world good looks and a voice so deep it could hold all the creatures of the ocean inside it. Er, we’re not sure what that means either. It’s late. We hung out at the Grammy Nominations Concert all night. We talked to Common. Can you blame us for having a melty brain?

Gushing aside, Common’s an underground icon in the hip-hop community who performed “The Message” last night in a tribute to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. We wanted to know which nominated artists got under his skin and into his iPod. He name checked some of our faves – calling his pal Kanye West a “genius” and confessing that he’d like to collaborate with British folk hipsters Mumford & Sons. They’re featured on his new AMC show Hell On Wheels and he’s now a big fan. Common’s got an album coming out later this year – maybe there’s still time to get them on board?

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Bruno Mars Sums Up His Six Grammy Noms By Singing “Greatest Love Of All”

If our pants weren’t already charmed off by Bruno Mars they sure are now. We spoke with the crooner with the killer cheekbones (did we just write that?) at the Grammy Nominations Concert, and he serenaded us with Whitney Houston‘s “Greatest Love of All” when we asked how it felt to pocket six nominations. We understand his ecstatic and adorably ridiculous reaction – it’s not everyday an artist gets nod for Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album and Producer Of The Year (Non-Classical). The competition is obviously stiff — Kanye West is on top with seven nominations and Adele, the woman to beat, has six too. But check out Bruno’s song and plea to the Grammys and then try not root for him. It’ll be impossible, trust us.