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NEW! Serena Ryder’s Music Video For “What I Wouldn’t Do”

Hot off the press, guys! Our favorite Canadian crooner Serena Ryder has belted out one beautiful music video, charting the story of love lost, lost chased and love caught. If you’re looking for a tune to brighten your mood and get your feet stompin’ – this is one for you. Can’t get enough? Lucky for you, Serena Ryder is on tour! Be sure to check out her VH1 Tour Diary where you get to peak at exclusive videos she sends from the road.

Be sure to watch the broadcast premiere for “What I Wouldn’t Do” on VH1 Top 20‘s countdown, Saturday at 9 a.m. ET on VH1. Rock on guys and gals.

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VOTE: What Video Will Reign Supreme On Saturday’s Top 20 Year End Countdown?

On this week’s episode of the VH1 Top 20 Countdown, we’re rolling out the Top 20 videos of the year from Herald Square, New York City. That’s right, all the videos that have led the countdown throughout the different seasons of the year will now battle it out for Top 20 supremacy. But before the show airs on Saturday at 9am EST, you can still cast your vote for the video you think should take the crown for 2012. Who will it be? You’ll have to tune-in and check back with us on Saturday to find out!

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Top 20 Sneak Peek: Jason Derulo, “Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Jason Derulo‘s “Don’t Wanna Go Home” premieres online on Wednesday in advance of its appearance on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown Saturday at 9 a.m. ET/PT, but we (and our MTV siblings) have an exclusive thirty-second sneak peek, which you can see above!

“Don’t Wanna Go Home,” the lead single off Derulo’s forthcoming Future History, samples the 2009 remix of Robin S.‘s early-nineties house classic “Show Me Love,” while lyrically riffing on Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”?namely “daylight comes, and we don’t wanna go home.” Written out, it sounds like an unworkable combination, but Derulo pulls it off! I mean, he is the the guy who wrote a hit single around the “Dear Sister” break, so it shouldn’t really be surprising.

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Britney Leaks “Hold It Against Me” Clip: Love It Or Leave It?

britney-spears-hold-it-against-me-video-22We just got our hands on 30 seconds of Britney Spears‘ new video for “Hold It Against Me,” the single off her upcoming album that cleverly pairs throbbing club beats with lyrics about a dancefloor pickup. Considering the nature of the song, it’s no surprise that Brit reportedly gets naked in this video. Oops, she did it again! What does surprise us is the sky-high stack of speakers, TVs, lights and cameras — all of which surround dancers who occasionally aren’t subject to the laws of gravity. It looks like a frenetic multimedia blitzkrieg and we can’t help but wonder if this represents a glimpse inside Britney’s brain? Or maybe it’s our collective conscious thinking about Britney? Deep!

The full video for “Hold It Against Me” debuts on MTV Thursday at 9:56PM EST and shortly after on VH1. What’s your verdict of this 30-second clip? Will it hit No. 1 on VH1 Top 20? And with her new album due out March 29, does Britney have a shot at reclaiming her Queen of Pop title?


Sneak Peek: New Kids Top 20 Premiere Video

Next Tuesday, we’re dropping the New Kids on the Block‘s “2 In The Morning” music video, and we wanted you get psyched a bit. So here’s a “making-of” clip that finds the guys explaining what went into the shoot. It’s funny, they booked a glorious mansion for location, but wound up doing a fair amount of green screen action that was filled in after the shoot. Check it out: You’ll find out that there’s a personal twist to the tale, and you’ll be reminded that’s it’s one of the best songs on NKOTB’s latest disc.

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