P, B & J: Whistle While You Work

Lots of pop fans have been loving "Young Folks," the catchy hit by Swedish cool guys Peter, Bjorn & John, and the song that’s made whistling chic again. Fresh from playing the Coachella festival, we challenged the trio to a whistle-off?only to discover that not everyone can get the job done. Take a look, then go spin "Young Folks" one more time.

by (@katespencer)

Rufus Wainwright Saves America!

"Going to a Town," the first single off of Rufus Wainwright’s Release the Stars (listen to the entire thing on our Hear Music First page) is the opera-loving pop singer’s own state of the union address — a heartfelt indictment of the U.S.A. and its leaders. We asked Wainwright to explain how he’d fix the country if he were in charge. Spoiler Alert: the answer involves Dolly Parton.