Winona Ryder

by (@zaragolden)

The Killers Set Winona Ryder On Fire In New, Tim Burton-Directed “Here With Me Now” Video

This new video for “Here With Me,” a heart-tugging ballad off The Killers recent Battle Born, really is something. With it we get the band performing an epic show in an empty concert hall somewhere, and then we also get a second and more uncanny subplot that stars Winona Ryder as a wax mannequin and the object of a beady-eyed kid’s (played by Craig Roberts) affection. Said kid sneaks her Winona out of her museum for a long walk on the beach, a trip to the movies and a home cooked meal, only to find in the end that he too is made of wax. All of this may seem odd, until you consider the video’s director: Tim Burton. How, um, illuminating?