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Bruce Springsteen Wasn’t Just A Partying Rockstar In the 80s, He Battled Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

Bruce Springsteen battled depression & suicidal thoughts

Legendary Bruce Springsteen is still touring and making No. 1 albums at age 62. He’s such a boss that at the Hard Rock Calling concert in England he brought out Sir Paul McCartney, only to have the plug pulled mid set due to a bloody noise curfew rule. Shame on the London police for messing with history! In the new issue of the esteemed New Yorker, Springsteen’s life is chronicled in a 15,000 word profile detailing his childhood in New Jersey to his Wrecking Ball tour. One of the biggest revelations sprawled from the profile was his suicidal thoughts and depression. Springsteen’s longtime friend and biographer, Dave Marsh, said Springsteen has been seeing a therapist since 1982. To which we say, kudos to him! Read more…

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Is Bruce Springsteen’s New Single, “We Take Care Of Our Own,” What You Were Expecting?

Bruce Springsteen‘s new single from his forthcoming album, Wrecking Ball, due for release on March 6th, is doing rounds of the Internet this morning. As a lead single, it’s not exactly bringing down the house — it ain’t no “Born To Run” — but by no means does that it mean that it’s terrible, either. Somewhat middling, the song doesn’t quite reach that expansive, soaring, transcendent plane that defines the Springsteen mythology. Yet there’s still something really charming about “We Take Care Of Our Own,” and it’s more than just Bruce’s impeccable husky vocal (which, at the beginning, hits us like a slap of warm nostalgia to the face, and reminds us, “oh yeah, there it is”).

There’s the spirited piano, the matter-of-fact yet obtusely dreamy lyricism, and undertones of escapism that remind us of Bruce in the 70s, and has us hankering for the rest of Wrecking Ball to hit. March can’t come soon enough for us, but what do you think? Is “We Take Care Of Our Own” what you were expecting? Or were you hoping for something more epic from Wrecking Ball‘s first release? Let us know in the poll below!

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