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Lex Luger, Rap’s Next Big Thing, Can Write A Song In Under Twenty Minutes (For Real)

Lex Luger Can Write A Song In Under 20 Minutes

At only 20 years old, rap producer Lex Luger can write a hit rap song in under 20 minutes. We are intrigued — as is the world of hip hop, with superstars like Jay-Z and Kayne West already clamoring to embrace the wunderkind. With the hip hop world turning out a slew of younger-cooler-more-talented-than-thou musical genius sensations recently (guys like Frank Ocean and Drake who are not only excelling at their art but actively influencing older generations and veteran producers), it’s easy to attribute some of the mastery of these new players to youth. Perhaps only with his limited experience is Luger able to move his virtuosic hand so deftly to produce work so quickly — unhindered by the heavy weight of perfectionism that can often sterilize and homogenize creativity.

Luger, the focus of a New York Times Magazine piece over the weekend, found his start producing beats in Atlanta with rapper Waka Flocka Flame, which transpired into Waka’s radio hit “Hand In Da Paint,” and began gaining momentum after producing Rick Ross‘s track “Blowin’ Money Fast.” From the mainstream to the underground, Luger became, and still is, one of the most sought after rap producers of the moment and as such, it wasn’t long before he caught the attention of the ultimate champion of young talent, Kanye West. Assisting Kanye on production for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, laying out a drum track for “See Me Now” and having BeyoncĂ© sing over his beats, Luger established himself as a dominant force in the rap world. Luger is now being touted as “defining,” seminal in the creation of hip hop’s current favored sounds — definitely a space to be watched.

Lex Luger Can Write a Hit Rap Song in the Time It Takes to Read This [New York Times]

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Last Lap: Fat Joe’s “Tales From The Darkside” Includes A Jaw-Dropping R. Kelly Story

Fat Joe Tells A Story About R. Kelly Beating People Up
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Odd Future’s Syd Remixes Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”
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