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EXCLUSIVE: Stream You Oughta Know Artist Vance Joy’s Upcoming Album Dream Your Life Away

It’s the start of a new month, which means that we have a brand new You Oughta Know musician that we’d love for you to meet. Today we’re pleased to introduce Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy as September’s honorary YOK. You can learn the personal stats on him later this month, but for now we’ll just let his music do the talking. That’s right, we have his upcoming debut album Dream Your Life Away, available now for exclusive streaming! The album isn’t due out until next Tuesday, September 9th, but you can listen here (for free) until then.

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You Oughta Know: Watch Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff Speak in Emojis

If you ever wondered what it would be like texting a rockstar, now you’ll know. Dating in the world of iPhones and Tinder can be difficult, especially with emojis that add on a whole new layer of male and female codes we have to crack. Lucky for you,  Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff allowed us to hop inside the male mind and see what certain emojis actually mean to him.

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Jack Antonoff Strips Down Bleachers’ “I Wanna Get Better” In This Stop/Watch Challenge

This month’s You Oughta Know artists Bleachers are known for their over-the-top sound and larger-than-life stage presence. Well, for our 60 second Stop/Watch challenge, Jack Antonoff gave us a stripped down version of the popular Bleachers hit “I Wanna Get Better”, and it proves the rule that sometimes less is MORE!

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THE SPEED INTERVIEW: Jack Antonoff Of Bleachers Discusses His Strange Desires (Or Does He ?)

It’s pretty cool when a musician can jump from one successful project to another and have hits with both of them. That’s where unlikely pop star Jack Antonoff finds himself after taking time off from his gig in fun. to release a solo album under the Bleachers moniker, whose bouncy alt pop hit “I Wanna Get Better” is one of the summer’s most infectious singles. The erstwhile boyfriend of Girls’ Lena Dunham caught up with VH1 News recently to discuss his debut album Strange Desires, not to mention his true strange desires (well actually, he wasn’t exactly forthcoming about them but watch the interview anyway).  Read more…

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Tove Lo, Nico & Vinz and Other Scandinavian Artists You Oughta Know

Nico and Vinz Visit Y 100 Radio Station

When it comes to Europe, Scandinavia is not typically the first region that comes to mind as a producer of chart-topping music acts. With the UK getting most of the attention for the British invasion, it’s easy to forget that the ‘90s saw a Scandinavian sweep with everlasting hits from Ace of Base, Aqua and The Cardigans. Of course, some of the biggest acts to come out of the region — Denmark, Norway, and Sweden — include ABBA, Robyn and Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

While it seemed like 2014 was set to be another sweep for Brit acts, like YOK artist Sam Smith and John Newman, several Scandinavian artists are making a run at the top of the charts. Among them are July YOK artist Tove Lo with her buzzworthy “Habits (Stay High)” and Nico & Vinz’s runaway hit, “Am I Wrong.”

These two acts, plus three other new groups are the Scandinavian artists you oughta know.

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YOK Artist Tove Lo Plays You Can’t Say That: Swedish Greats Edition

By Christopher Rosa 

July’s You Oughta Know artist Tove Lo is no stranger to VH1′s shenanigans. Earlier this month, the “Habits (Stay High)” singer indulged us with a rip-roaring Speed Interview, where she revealed her worst habit is falling asleep in the tub while drunk and biggest musical influences are Charlotte GainsbourgRobyn, and Lykke Li. She’s decided to come back for more, this time playing a round of You Can’t Say That.

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Music Seen: A Day with the Gorgeous Tove Lo

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You Oughta Know artist Tove Lo is one glamorous girl. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, the singer is blessed with those modelesque Scandinavian genes. When Lo — born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson — spent the day at VH1, everyone was stunned by her natural beauty. It’s no wonder she’s ready to step into the spotlight. After writing hits for Icona Pop, Adam Lambert, and Cher Lloyd, Lo is turning her attention onto herself (and letting herself shine).

Thanks to the buzz surrounding her first single, “Habits (Stay High),” Lo isn’t just about looks. She’s has an ear for smart, pop music.

Check out the behind-the-scenes photos of Lo hanging out at the VH1 office, performing her single in less than 60 seconds, and showing off those hipster model looks.

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