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The Best Kid Metal Shredders We Saw On YouTube In 2014

It’s been a hell of a year for Youtube shredders, whether they be little kids or more seasoned players, and by seasoned players we mean teenagers. From 9-year old Li-sa-X to Brooklyn tween metalheads Unlocking The Truth, there’s a lot of young talent out there who have found fame via the internet. We’ve already told you about kids that shred harder than you and now we’re bringing you the year’s best Youtube kid metal shredders to help spread holiday cheer, because nothing blows away the Holiday Blues than some pipsqueak ripping out sick metal leads on a guitar they can barely hold! Read more…


Digital Love: Which Music Artists Were Discovered Online?

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As the world gets more and more connected digitally, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of burgeoning artists are creating followings online. But who’s been able to hit paydirt by going the digital route?

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Justin Bieber Celebrates Six Years On YouTube: What Have You Done With Your Life Since Then?

Beliebers. Bieber Fever. #StayStrongForJustin. It’s hard to think about our current, crazy pop culture landscape without mention of the 18-year-old, saggy pants-wearing Canadian who not only fuels our rumor mill but lands coveted entertainment gigs. But no too long ago, there was a time when Justin Bieber was just a boy with a guitar, standing in front of a camera, asking us to love him. Today marks the six-year anniversary of Bieber on YouTube, the place where he first adopted the pseudonym of  kidrauhl and changed the way aspiring acts market their talents forever. To celebrate–and once again self-promote–the Bieb is pimping a new acoustic take on one of his personal favorites (“Take You”) from last year’s Believe.

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Rebecca Black’s “Friday” And Jennifer Lopez And Pitbull’s “On The Floor” Rule YouTube In 2011

It sort of makes sense… On “Friday” we want to get “On The Floor”… Right? Right? It’s all about the party for 2011’s most viewed YouTube videos, with Rebecca Black’s “Friday” racking up a whopping 180 million views (when you combine the original Ark Factory release and the independent release of the video) — the most of any non-major music label release on YouTube. 2011 will henceforth always be the year in which Rebecca Black gave a new meaning to the word “viral.”

As popular as Rebecca Black was, though, she couldn’t compete with the likes of J. Lo; her beat- and booty-heavy video “On The Floor” came in at number one with over 450 million views. Pitbull also featured at #5 and #6 with “Give Me Everything” featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer, and “Rain Over Me” featuring JLo’s ex-hubby Marc Anthony, respectively. See the top 10 list below.
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