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Should Have Been A Single: 15 Album Cuts That Could Have Been Major Hits This Year


From Sia and Beyonce to YOK alums like Hozier and Sam Smith, 2014 was full of hit singles from a variety of artists. There’s no denying songs like “Chandelier,” “Take Me To Church” and “Stay With Me” blew up the charts this year, but what about the other tracks that were relegated to album cut status? We’d like to point your attention to 15 gems hiding in some of this year’s biggest discs. We’d bet that they would’ve been smashes…if only they were released as singles! Read on to see the deep cuts that we think could have made the grade as major hit singles in 2014.

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12 Times Jay Z Partied Like It Was His Birthday In Music Videos


-By Chris Carpenter

Jay Z has done so many glorious things during his 45 year stay on planet Earth. First off, he’s crafted two of the best hip hop albums of all time —Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint. But he’s also declared death to Auto-Tune, retired and then un-retired, professed his love for New York (the concrete jungle where dreams are made of), and most recently got drunk in love with his queen, Beyoncé. Though today is his birthday, Jay Z has already attended thousands of extravagant parties – and seemed to enjoy the naughty ones the best. Luckily for mankind, they all happened to be filmed in various music videos. Enjoy the 12 times we really wanted to party with Hova.

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Throwback R&B Couples That We Wish Stayed Together


-By Seher Sikandar

With the revolving door of celebrity relationships, it can be difficult to take anything seriously sometimes.  Yet a handful of R&B artist couples inspired love in the masses.  Witnessed by the world, these pairs entered our mushy little hearts, too.  And when they split, our universe crumbled and our meanings of life and love were questioned.  Why?  WHY!  We don’t know why, but what we do know is who need to get their lives together and get back together. Come on Usher and Chili —don’t leave us this way!

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Beyonce Vs. Janet Jackson For The Pop Queen Title Is The Only Election That Matters Today

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It’s election day across the country, but we all know that the only votes that really count are the ones in VH1′s Pop Queen Faceoff! We’ve got a royal rumble today, as Queen Beyonce throws down with Janet JacksonTHIS IS IMPORTANT, YOU GUYS!

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10 Things Beyoncé Doesn’t Want Mentioned In Her Unauthorized Biography


-By Phoebe Robinson

As some of you know, I am a Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder fan, so life is hard. So hard, in fact that every night when I lay myself down to sleep, I ask the Lord to spray some Miracle-Gro on my head because every week, Shonda Rhimes snatches my edges with her crazy plot twists and I end up looking like Naomi Campbell circa 2013, which is not cute when you don’t have Naomi Campbell money. Anyway, the point is that just as my edges were starting to recover, Grand Central Books announced that they are releasing an unauthorized biography of Beyoncé in fall 2015. The book will not feature any quotes from ‘Yonce, but will rely on secondary sources, which is code for “shady heauxes.” I am not a shady heaux, but I do have the inside scoop on Queen Bey! So without further ado, here are 10 not at all made up for comedic effect completely factual things that Beyoncé doesn’t want mentioned in her unauthorized biography.

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