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2014 Grammys Arm Candy: Hot Celeb Couples Who Killed It On Music’s Biggest Night

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“Who are you wearing? Who are you wearing?” You hear celebs get asked that question hundreds of times at every awards show. But we think that style commentators are kind of missing the point, as the more important question is almost always “Who are you with?”! Nothing livens up an outfit like a sizzling date on your arm, and the 2014 Grammy Awards were chock full of gorgeous couples! What fun is a major showbiz party without sharing it with some delectable arm candy, right?

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Lil Wayne Camp Says ‘F*** TMZ’, Disputes Reports Weezy Is Dying After More Seizures


UPDATE: The man himself has confirmed that rumors about his condition were grossly exaggerated and he’s “good.” Lil Wayne personally posted his gratitude for the fan support on his Twitter account.


The hip hop world stopped breathing for a moment after TMZ reported Lil Wayne was in critical condition due to more seizures and facing last rites upon arrival of his mother to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. Friday evening. Read more…


Drake’s OVO Label Finds Home With Warner Bros., And Just Like That He’s Coming For Wayne’s Spot

“OVO that’s major s—, Toronto with me that’s mayor s—.”

Drake is Wayne‘s protege who was Baby‘s protege, which means a rapper learned how to be be a boss and repeat. Baby ran (and runs) Cash Money Records, Wayne eventually branched out with Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and Drake followed suit with his OVO label. The Toronto rapper learned from veterans who created their own labels long before every rap crew in the game had one. According to Billboard, Drake’s OVO (October’s Very Own) has found a home with Warner Bros. The ink hasn’t dried yet, but if all goes as planned and the official announcement is made today, the 26-year-old will soon add CEO to his resume. Read more…

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Rihanna And Friends Celebrate Drake With Birthday Cards, We Steal Them From His Trash (Whoops!)

Today is Aubrey Graham’s birthday, and as the talented singing-rapper completes his 26th year of life, he’s smooth-talked his way into the hearts and minds of millions of fans (not to mention his fellow celebrity friends). Likely receiving countless gifts from friends, strangers, and business associates, Drake surely can’t keep each and every token, no matter how personal some may be. And that’s exactly why we decided to raid his garbage.

Dumpster diving is the classiest of adventures, especially when the trash you’re sifting through belongs to Toronto’s golden boy. Invasion of privacy, maybe, but like we’re taught on various reality shows, what’s discarded onto public property is considered free for the taking. Below are our findings: the front covers and inside messages of birthday cards from Drake’s grandmother, Rick Ross, the OVO fam, his Rabbi, Rihanna, the Young Money crew, and Chris Brown are all revealed.

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T.I. And Lil Wayne “Ball” Hard, But Not In The Club

T.I. made good on his promise that his forthcoming Trouble Man would be reminiscent of the Trap Muzik days. “Trap Back Bumpin” proved this to be true. Now, the visual for “Ball” featuring Lil Wayne is further evidence that one thing T.I. knows best– the trap. “Ball” is unarguably a club record. The sped up drums are bound to make someone drop down and get their eagle on, girl. In appealing to the audience that has been with T.I.P. since I’m Serious–before the commercial success, before the movies, before the hit reality show–he takes it back to the ‘hood. Read more…


Birdman VS. OKC: Says “They Gotta Pay For Their Disrespect That They Did With My Son”

Birdman Says OKC Must Pay For Disrespecting His Son

Nobody messes with the Young Money camp unless they want to deal with Papa Bear. And by Papa Bear we mean the top boss Birdman. Lil Wayne has had much to say about the OKC denying him entrance into the stadium for the NBA playoffs game. Weezy took to Twitter once again after the second time he had a run-in with the team. He tweeted, “Again I was treated like sh!t by the Thunder arena staff…dam..I hope da Heat beat da dog sh!t out em!!” It such a coincidence that Weezy was denied twice by the team his ex’s new boo plays for. It’s one thing to upset Wayne, but quite another to tick off Birdman. Read more…

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Lil Wayne And Limp Bizkit Will Drop A New Single, “Ready To Go,” Next Week

While Kanye West had little more to say than “LOL” when Cash Money Records announced that they had signed Limp Bizkit last week, the jury is still out on whether or not the union will result in general LOLs or if the pairing will see a reaping of greater rewards. Not wasting any time, Lil Wayne will be releasing a new collaborative single with Limp Bizkit next week, entitled “Ready To Go.” The title itself seems to be a pointed message about their new relationship, and we’re expecting some high energy, aggressive rap-rock.

The track will be the first Cash Money release by Limp Bizkit, and the label’s founder, Birdman, says “It’ll be a great way to let the world know that [the band] is a part of us… It’s rock, but it’s hip-hop-rock. I think we got that hip-hop-rock swagger.” Of the controversial signing, Birdman went on to say, “Limp Bizkit, to me, is just a perfect match for us… It was something that [Durst] was interested in doing, and I was already a fan, and I was like, ‘Let’s do it.’ It’s good for the brand, it will bring a different look for us, and we’re definitely trying to expand on that side of music.” Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to see if this really is a match made in heaven!

Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne to Release Single Next Week [Rolling Stone]

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50 Cent Bets 1 Million Dollars And A Picture Of His Private Parts On The Super Bowl

What’s more valuable to 50 Cent: his jewels or, um… his jewels? It seems that maybe neither are that important to him, as he’s willing to wager both on the Super Bowl result. Over the weekend, 50 Tweeted that he’d be willing to post a picture of his special bits to Twitter if the giants lost:

Where the first Tweet trails off the challenger says that if the Giants win, she’ll post a photo of her more northern regions to Twitter — so 50 clearly isn’t the only one laying down high stakes. But late last night 50 upped the stakes even higher, throwing a cool one million into the mix:

The bet comes after the high rolling over the weekend where 50 bet $500,000 on the Giants and won, which was followed by Birdman putting down a whopping $5 million on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl. So 50 is challenging Birdman with his million dollar bet, and we want to know if hip hop beef has officially spilled over into sports, or if this is an entirely new genre of beef? One of these guys is going to lose — and we can only hope they can afford to part with the money, although it seems with 50′s recent flaunting (see Twit Pic above) he’s got at least a few stacks of cash laying about.

Is 50 Cent Really Betting Full Frontal On The Giants? [The Fab Life]
Birdman Bets $5 Million On Patriots Super Bowl XLVI Win [MTV News]

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MTV2′s Sucker Free Awards Honors Rick Ross, Celebrates Rap and Hip Hop’s Hottest Artists

Last night, MTV2 debuted its first annual Sucker Free Awards. Taped in November at Sunday night hot spot LIV Fountainbleau Miami Beach, the 7-category award show’s party atmosphere was hosted by MTV’s Sway Calloway and featured interview packages of and appearances and performances by most of today’s hot hip hop artists.

Chiming in with their well-informed two cents was Sucker Free Countdown host DJ Envy, Hot 97′s Miss Info and Funkmaster Flex, Jersey Shore’s Pauly D., and Power 105/MTV2′s Guy Code commentator Charlemagne The God. On the heels of last week’s debated Grammy nominations, unconventional categories like Club Banger Of The Year (awarded to Jay-Z and Kanye’s “N***** In Paris”) and Who’s Got Next showcased hip hop’s progressive nature, often nodding at mixtape popularity and artist buzz to govern the nominations instead of full album releases. But albums did get their shine, too; the Classic Album Of The Year category managed to merge hip hop’s “we need a board” mentality with popular culture.

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Nicki Minaj Turns Herself Into The Female Weezy In Birdman’s “Y.U. Mad” Video

In the first line of Birdman‘s new track “Y. U. Mad,” Nicki Minaj declares “I am the female Weezy,” and in the video she’s wearing waist length dreadlocks, a wife beater and army fatigues, doing a pretty accurate Lil Wayne impersonation. For the rest of her scenes though, Nicki does what Nicki does best in a bondage style onesie that leaves little to the imagination. Meanwhile, Weezy is dressed in a crazy fur hat as some futuristic love child of a rap influenced skater boy and a pill popping rave attendee, while Birdman drives around in a nifty car, is surrounded by piles of money and some bikini clad women giving the camera suspiciously sexy glances.

The track itself is a roof shaker, with a dirty, heavy bass and Nicki’s chorus “that’s why you’re mad, that’s why you’re why you’re mad mad,” is hopelessly catchy. We’re thinking Nicki makes the song, her abrasive, throaty raps just perfect for the apocalyptic, oppressive bass line. The decadent visuals and flashing lights just add to the drama of the beat, making the topic of the song, the reign of Birdman, Nicki and Wayne, although unexpected, completely convincing. Although we’re still not entirely sure why super famous/rich celebrities have to sing about being super famous/rich all the time, calling out their haters based on jealousy — surely being super famous/rich is enough to allay their insecurities? The “pop ya collar” concept, in short, is getting a little tired.

And it’s got us wondering, given that over the weekend Nicki and her boyfriend Safaree Samuels got into a much talked about Twitter argument with Cher, if Nicki isn’t really just giving the middle finger here. Although maybe Cher isn’t Nicki’s intended target, the tweet-fight certainly resonates with “Y. U. Mad,” so we’re increasingly inclined to ask Nicki that exact question. Why you mad, Nicki dear?

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