Cruel Winter Is Not Happening, Folks, And We’re Quite Ok With That

We’re not over how disappointing Cruel Summer was. Imagine our relief when Common squashed all the rumors of a G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Winter album in the works. In theory a collective project of G.O.O.D. Music’s finest–Big Sean, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor and 2 Chainz–sounded marvelous. And it bares mentioning Kanye West has yet to create a less than stellar album in the nine years since his first debut. Unfortunately Cruel Summer was mostly forgettable. You played it over and over hoping it’d get better. It never did. Read more…


Meek Mill Vs. Cassidy Drop Diss Records, But No One “Ethers” Anyone

A little holiday cheer is needed between Philly rappers Meek Mill and Cassidy. The eggnog is still chilling in the fridge from Christmas, but that didn’t stop the Twitter beef and diss records from dropping. Hip-hop battles take no days off. From what we can gather the feud is merely a battle over the old (Cassidy) vs. the new (Meek Mill) taking the former’s spot. Because God forbid two rappers from the same city be on top. Read more…

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Colbie Caillat Teams Up With Common For The Duo’s “Favorite Song”

One of the biggest hits of last summer came courtesy of Selena Gomez & The Scene, a track in which she promised a paramour that she would “Love You Like A Love Song” (a song that we kept hitting re-pe-pe-pe-peat on over the last year). Now, just in time for Summer 2012, the bubbly pop singer Colbie Caillat has just released the video for “Favorite Song,” another ditty that uses the metaphor of a song to represent a growing relationship. Only this time around, the singer is comparing herself to a song (as opposed to her object of affection), asking/promising that “You can turn it up and play me all night long.” Of course, this is Colbie Caillat we’re talking about, not Rihanna, so that line is nowhere near as dirty in the context of the song as it reads on the page.

Adding to the friendly, summer-y vibe of the song is Common, who contributes two verses, one in which he pronounces “The winner of the Best Duo is us” (meaning, him and Colbie). We love the confidence, and we have a feeling that listeners will likely end up agreeing as we make our way into Song Of The Summer season.

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Common Freestyles At Sundance, Addresses Drake Beef

Sundance is now considering changing its name to Rapdance after Common‘s amazing freestyle rap for VH1. Just kidding, they’re not, but we think they definitely should. Common pulled an impressive freestyle rap out of his sleeve at Sundance and we’re just waiting for him to remix it into a real song, especially since we got a shout out in there, “The one, the rap shining sun / I do this for who? For who, VH1!” Common doesn’t skip a beat, proving his expertise at the rap game with his easy freestyle flow.

And the buck doesn’t stop there, with Common also taking a moment to address his highly publicized beef with Drake. Having dissed Drake in song, rapping the unequivocal “Soft n***a. Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake,” in “Stay Schemin,” Common tells MTV news that he’s said all he needs to say, “I kind of addressed it so much on record, I feel like I don’t really have any more to say about it it. I just think it’s part of a hip hop battle, that’s all really.” You can see the rest of what he had to say after the jump, but we’re glad to hear the score is settled, at least on Common’s side.

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Last Lap: New Dad Jay-Z Reopens His 40/40 Club In New York

New Dad Jay-Z Reopens His 40/40 Club In New York
Jay-Z took a break from baby duty last night to reopen his 40/40 club in New York. Take a look at this gallery and his impressive set of high flying friends, including billionaire Warren Buffett. [Idolator]

Travis Barker Is Now Threatening Media Take Out With Legal Action For Nude Pictures
Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker‘s lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to Media Take Out after the gossip site posted nude photos of the musician’s penis. These celebrities really need to stop photographing themselves nude — have we learned nothing from Amber Rose? [Spin]

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Tuned In: VH1 Posted‘s Kina Grannis Is “In Your Arms” On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The adorable Kina Grannis, VH1′s January Posted artist, performed a beautiful, acoustic version of “In Your Arms” for Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It’s no secret that we love Kina, and it’s not hard to see why. The young performer is sincere, relatable and perfectly imperfect as she sings with true emotion. Promoting her album Stairwells, Kina took to the stage with the presence and easy charm of a veteran performer, despite her relative newness to the limelight. Her charming smile accompanying the heartfelt vocal made for a convincing performance that has stuck in our minds the same way as the passionate kind of love affair Kina sings about would. We were even lucky enough to go backstage at Jimmy Kimmel with Kina to find out all about her upcoming US and European tours. See our video after the jump!

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Beef Alert! Common Disses Drake On New Track, “Stay Schemin”

“Soft” rapper Drake seems to be illiciting some extreme reactions from people recently — they’re either madly in love and having his name tattooed to their forehead, or just plain mad and looking to beef. First it was Ludacris having a dig at Drake on his track “Bada Boom,” and now it looks like Common wants in on the Drake bashing action. On his new track, “Stay Schemin,” Common isn’t shy about blasting Drake.

Calling Drake out for starting the beef but failing to name Common as the subject of that beef, Common raps “Don’t play dumb, I’m the one that acknowledged it / Son of a b**ch, I imagine what your father is / She said, “How you make your opponent / The rapper of the moment?” His style, he don’t own it / Acting all hard when he hardly like that / You gon’ mess around and make me catch a body like that.” Common goes on to refer to Drake as “a b**ch that’s eighteen,” “amateur guy” and “Canada dry.” Common speaks the final verse, “Soft n***a. Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake,” and challenges Drake with “don’t hide behind them other n****s,” before a sample of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” is played, presumably because Common wants Drake to be upfront about the beef. Yikes! We wonder if Drake will respond in kind, or if he’ll stay quiet and cryptic, which seems to be his M.O. (and it’s clearly offending people!). Listen to the track below.

Common – “Stay Schemin (Remix/Drake Diss)” [Pigeons & Planes]

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Tuned In: Foster The People Play The Quirky “Don’t Stop” Live On Leno

It’s all about You Oughta Know band Foster The People right now, and if you still don’t know who they are you’re even more clueless than these Jeopardy contestants. Just kidding, you’re only clueless if, in reading this, you don’t immediately go and listen to some FTP. The boys are hot business, after all, having been nominated for Grammys and whatnot. Last night, they performed their new single “Don’t Stop” live on Leno (we premiered the video for the single last week) and it was everything you’d expect from FTP: high energy, impeccable vocals and instrumentals, weird crap on the walls and lots of color and flashing lights. And also Mark Foster is a babe. Fin.

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VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul Adds Anita Baker, Mavis Staples And More To The List Of Performers

We’ve been counting down the days to VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul as part of our 12 Days Of DIVAS retrospective; if you’re playing along at home, today’s magic number is 10! This year’s extravaganza will be airing on VH1 on Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m. ET/8 CT, and will feature performances from superstars like Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Florence + The Machine, Kelly Clarkson, Jessie J and more.

As awesome as this lineup is going to be, we’ve got even better news to share with you this morning: Motown legend Anita Baker, Windy City native Mavis Staples, Queen of Rockabilly Wanda Jackson and jazzy vocalist supreme Ledisi have been added the list of this year’s oustanding stable of talent. We’ve also made some announcements regarding this year’s presenters, which you can read as part of this press release that just hit the wires…


Red Carpet to be Livestreamed on on Sunday, December 18

VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul Pays Tribute to the Great Cities of Soul Music Including Chicago, Detroit, London, Memphis and Philadelphia

Special will air Monday, December 19 at 9 PM/8c on VH1

To Tweet This Release:

NEW YORK – December 8, 2011 – VH1’s beloved, popular franchise, VH1 DIVAS, announced today additional performers to join this year’s tribute to soul music including: Anita Baker, Mavis Staples, Wanda Jackson and Ledisi. In addition, Dolly Parton, Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard, Nas, Common and La La Anthony will participate as presenters in paying homage to these cities and soul music’s timeless classics at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. VH1 DIVAS Celebrates Soul premieres Monday, December 19 at 9 PM/8c on VH1.

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Common Calls Kanye A Genius, Wants To Work With Mumford And Sons

Talking to Common is like being sucked into a sexy, soulful vortex filled with sensitive, meaningful eye contact and Miles Davis shout outs. Really, this man is a creative god with out of this world good looks and a voice so deep it could hold all the creatures of the ocean inside it. Er, we’re not sure what that means either. It’s late. We hung out at the Grammy Nominations Concert all night. We talked to Common. Can you blame us for having a melty brain?

Gushing aside, Common’s an underground icon in the hip-hop community who performed “The Message” last night in a tribute to Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. We wanted to know which nominated artists got under his skin and into his iPod. He name checked some of our faves – calling his pal Kanye West a “genius” and confessing that he’d like to collaborate with British folk hipsters Mumford & Sons. They’re featured on his new AMC show Hell On Wheels and he’s now a big fan. Common’s got an album coming out later this year – maybe there’s still time to get them on board?