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Lou Reed Remembered In Song: 10 Awesome, Unusual + Unknown Covers Of His Biggest Tunes

Lou Reed On Stage

In the classic song “Rock And Roll” Lou Reed, who died this week at the age of 71, sang of a girl named Jenny who’s “Life was saved by rock and roll.” Many would say Lou Reed’s music did the same for them. The Godfather of punk wrote about drug addicts, drag queens, and other denizens of New York’s underworld and basically created the idea and many of the sonic hallmarks of alternative rock with his band The Velvet Underground. Though a distinct vocalist and innovative guitar player, it is his songwriter that he will be most remembered for. The list of classics he penned is staggering; “Heroin,” “Pale Blue Eyes,” “Sweet Jane” and “Walk On The Wild Side” to name but a few. One of the qualities of a great song is that it can be reinterpreted by different artists and still remain true to its musical essence and many of Reed’s numbers have found their ways into the repertoires of some of rock’s biggest bands. Check out some of music’s most awesome, unusual and unknown Lou Reed covers and see why fans are still mourning his death.
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Guy Pumping His Gas Belts Out Unbelievable Version Of “Livin’ On A Prayer”

Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ On A Prayer” was originally released way back in 1986, but the nearly 30 years that have elapsed since its release have done nothing to diminish the song’s cultural significance. On Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, one of Jay Leno‘s minions surprised a California man who was pumping gas at a station in Burbank with a simple request: Would he like to do some karaoke while he pumped his gas? The man, who we only know as Will, said yes, and requested to sing “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Does he need the words? “No, I know ‘em, baby!” Well then, sing on!

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When MySpace Attacks

71015471 Former Eurythmics front-lady Annie Lennox is learning about Web 2.0 the hard way — from her daughter. In a scene reminiscent of the teenage wasteland dreamt up by Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science, Lennox?s former London home was basically leveled when her 16-year-old daughter threw a party and news of the event was spread over MySpace. What was supposed to be an intimate gathering of 30 turned into a rager for 200. Description of the damage includes the following: graffiti on the walls, cigarette burns everywhere, vomit on the stairs, urine on the carpets, torn-up floor boards, a flooded kitchen and many destroyed appliances. The total cost of the nightmare is estimated at somewhere in range of $60,000. Think this one will make the kids think twice about throwing a party when their parents are out of town?