Here’s What Kanye West Music Videos Looked Like Before Life With Kim Kardashian


Kanye West‘s journey from unknown rapper to Yeezus has been paved with many (rants and) hit records. But it’s hard to believe this same West wrote albums like The College Dropout and Late Registration since his reputation has shifted from groundbreaking artist to husband of Internet-breaking Kim Kardashian. These throwback music videos will remind fans of the West that was only about the music.

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10 Rappers Who Are Way Too Quick To Beef


Artists have recently become a lot more sensitive to unkind jabs from their music peers, randos on the internet, and even totally non-existent slights. Simple misunderstandings have resulted in epic Twitter bombs and brutal Instagram comments that make headlines. The rap game is full of braggadocio, so we’re wondering why some MCs are getting so offended! We get that they’re artists and touchy about their ish (ode to Erykah Badu), but we’re not sure if dumb comments deserve such an extreme response. From corny rap beefs to random social media rants, here are some rappers we think need to get a thicker skin.

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The Most Hilarious South Park Musician Parodies That Still Make Us Laugh Forever

South Park

The folks at South Park do not mess around. When they parody someone, they go all out. And with famous musicians, there’s just so much fodder. You remember the Kanye West “gay fish” saga (which we’re pretty sure Kanye is still moody about). Show writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone can literally never run out of musicians to parody because, like Yeezy, musicians will always do things that warrant parodying. Hell, even if they don’t, South Park will parody them anyway. The latest musician to find themselves on the SP chopping block is VH1 You Oughta Know superstar Lorde, who unlike Kayne, has been a very good sport about it all.

But Kayne and Lorde aren’t the only ones to get the cartoon treatment. Jennifer Lopez has been a hand puppet, Bono has been a giant turd, Barbara Streisand has been a dinosaur, Celine Dion was married to Terence (of Terence and Philip fame) and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac as a goat. When you put it like that, Lorde got off pretty easy. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit all the wonderful musician cameos on SP into this list (there’s SO many!), so instead we’ve made a list of the best musician parodies from the shows’ 18 seasons.


The Most Brutal Musician-On-Musician Insults Of All Time

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Big music stars aren’t just known for their talent — they’re also known for doling out some of the meanest insults around. If Twitter beefs and popular diss tracks haven’t deterred you from provoking major artists, look no further than our list of scornful digs musicians have tossed at each other in public.

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