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Kelis And Khaleesi From Game Of Thrones Were Basically Separated At Birth

We already know that Kelis is a culinary fiend — her new album is called Food, for starters — but just how much television does she watch while snacking? Because we can’t find a reason not to think about Game of Thrones during all waking hours, we put the singer’s knowledge of her own work to the test against that of a powerful, traveling queen with a similar sounding name. And why not? With her own show coming to The Cooking Channel, Kelis has got to get a feel for the competition.

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The Speed Interview: Kelis Breaks Down Kitchen Essentials

In honor of Kelis‘s new album, Food, VH1 had her break down essentials when it comes to the kitchen. While the singer is known for her hits on the radio, she’s also turning up the heat in the kitchen for a number of years. After graduating from the culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, Kelis has written a cookbook as well as launched a sauce line (called Feast) and starred in a cooking TV special on the Cooking Channel. This is one singer who knows her food! But just don’t ask her to do the dishes.

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The 10 Most Inappropriately Sexy Uses Of Food In Music Video History


Food and sex have a weird relationship. In a lot of ways they don’t go together at all, but when they work it’s like peanut better and jelly. Music videos have been accused of hyper-sexualizing pretty much everything over the years -even making a sandwich, having an ice cream, or eating an orange! Something about food really plays well on the small screen, and nobody knew it better than the lovely Kelis. She rewrote the menu with her unforgettable video for “Milkshake” in 2003, and now she’s back on the beat again with her new album, F.O.O.D. It’s out this Tuesday, and each track is named after a different delicacy. Her single “Jerk Ribs” is the appetizer, but we can hardly wait for the main course!

To whet our appetite, we’ve decided to take a look at the most delicious inappropriately sexual uses of food in music video history. Bon appetit!

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Friday Face-Off: Kelis Vs. Katy Perry

Nothing says July 4th like a healthy dose of fireworks. In light of our nation’s independence, we’re invoking good ol’ fashion democracy to determine if bigger sparks fly in Kelis“Fourth of July (Fireworks)” or Katy Perry’s “Firework”. Vote now to tell us which patriotic babe blows you away. Read more…


Nas: Rap’s Self-Proclaimed “Most Mainstream Underground Artist” On What Makes His Life Good

An iced coffee with brown sugar is the only request of the legend who spent the previous night indulging in cigars and Moet filled champagne flutes at his release party for his 10th studio album. “You love brown sugar don’t you?” the director of Visual Media at Def Jam jokes, responding to his Starbucks request. “Damn right,” he says with a smile as everyone in the room erupts with laughter. That’s the side of Nas the public rarely gets to see.

Nasir Jones is exactly what you’d expect—no fuss, polite, no big entourage, mellow and somewhat quiet—that is until you get him going on something he actually gives a damn about. By mid-afternoon he arrives to the VH1 office still feeling nice from all of the bubbly consumed at NYC’s Bagatelle the night before. He’s dressed in a white and black t-shirt plastered with Mr. T’s face on it, white shorts and black Gucci sneakers. For a rapper his jewelry is modest. The two gold chains he rocks are far from gaudy, and his wrists are adorned with a gold watch and one bracelet. That’s it. At 38 he doesn’t look much older than he did on 2001’s album cover for Stillmatic. You start to wonder if he physically ages.

Bred in the largest housing projects in North America, the Queensbridge rapper dropped out of school in the ninth grade to pursue rap. Although he didn’t always know if it’d pay off, it did, in a big way.

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VH1 EXCLUSIVE: Nas Says If He Married Again He Wouldn’t Cheat

Nas has been beaming as of late in preparation for album number 10, Life Is Good. On the day of his album’s release,VH1 sat down with the legendary emcee to discuss the music and what makes life great. For Nas, Life Is Good represents an honest place of where he’s been and where he’s at today. The good, bad and ugly. One of the most introspective songs, “Bye Baby,” is about his ex-wife Kelis, the one whose green wedding dress he’s holding on the cover. In the song he raps, “Listen, could you imagine writing your deposition?/Divorce Lawyer telling you how this thing gonna be ending?/With you paying out the a–, and I’m talking half/Not some but half. No serious, half/Half of your soul, half of your heart you leaving behind.” Nas bears his soul over a Salaam Remi & 40 beat. Read more…