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Slippery When Wet: The Best Wet T-Shirts In Music Video History

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When we think of wet t-shirts, we will always think of the godmother of the rained on, white tee — Helen Hunt, bearing not only her tatas but her heart and soul in As Good As It Gets. So while wet t-shirts might be the mythology of spring break style competitions where women are objectified in the most base ways, pop culture has co-opted the iconic symbol in a slightly more refined—but no less sexy!—way.

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For Crying Out Loud! 15 Singers Who’ve Worked Their Waterworks On Stage


Wait a minute – singers are just like us?! You bet your right tear duct they are. From break-ups to make-ups, celebrities go through the same emotional roller coasters we do, and that includes bursting into tears every now and then. Chris Brown did it at the 2010 BET Awards, Katy Perry did it when she performed at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards and Adele, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez have also bawled their eyes out in public. Check out the total list of 15 stars caught crying their hearts out.

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Kelly Rowland Keeps It Real In Her Video For “Dirty Laundry”

When Kelly Rowland released her single “Dirty Laundry” in May, fans praised the R&B star for tackling a very dark period in her life. Now the former Destiny’s Child member has dropped the video for the track.
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Style Seen: Kelly Rowland Has A Haute Fashion Game


Want to walk a mile in Kelly Rowland‘s strappy heeled sandals? Until our favorite style icon, singer, actress and “X Factor” judge adds fashion designer to her resume (which could happen soon according to her Rolling Stone interview and her TW Steel watch collaboration), you’ll have to settle for us detailing every piece of her casual and flirty ensemble from our shoot.

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