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Kid Rock Announces New Album First Kiss And Ambitious Tour Plans For 2015

Fresh from dropping in on a fan’s birthday party, and creating a viral video sensation in the process, hard rocking rapper Kid Rock has announced plans for a new album. The “American Badass” posted the news on his website and said that the record, to be titled First Kiss, will come out on February 24th. The album will he his first for storied record label Warner Bros. Records.

Kid Rock entered the studio fast on the heels of his highly successful $20 Best Night Ever Tour. The record marks “the continued evolution of one of music’s most versatile performers,” adding “the music will speak for itself.” Following the album’s release, Rock will again hit the road with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band for an “even more ambitious” tour that will take place during summer 2015.

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Kid Rock Surprises One Lucky Fan And Gives Him The Ultimate Birthday Gift

He’s known as the American Badass and the Devil Without A Cause, but fans know that Bob Ritchie A.K.A. Kid Rock is one of the realest dudes out there and that he always gives back to his fans. Just ask Dan McGurk of Clarkston, Michigan. What was already a great birthday party became a f***ing awesome birthday when Kid Rock stopped into The Union Wood BBQ to surprise him on his big 3-0. An invitation had been sent to Kid via Facebook, so the rocker showed up at the restaurant to sing him “Happy Birthday” and gift him with a guitar case full of swag including a genuine “Badass” electric guitar. Some guy’s get all the luck but being as Dan is Kid Rock’s #1 fan it only makes sense, and looks like the birthday boy was pretty happy with his presents. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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Rock N’ Roll Outlaws And Iron Horses: 15 Badass Photos Of Rockers On Motorcycles

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Here it is Wednesday morning and you’re no doubt suffering PTSD from another nail-biting and horrifically violent episode of everybody’s favorite biker drama, Sons Of Anarchy. But way before SAMCRO brought 1%er culture into people’s living rooms, rock n’ rollers were scaring norms and singing tomes to badasses and their two-wheeled death machines. From Steppenwolf‘s ode to getting out on that highway, “Born To Be Wild,” to Motörhead‘s Hell’s Angels tribute “Iron Horse/Born to Lose,” outlaw rockers have always had a great affinity for outlaw bikers and some of them have been known to mount a steel horse from time to time as well.  Read more…

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Let’s Rock Out With Our Kid Rock Out During This Artists Den Performance

Palladia is airing Kid Rock‘s full Live From The Artists Den concert Wednesday, March 19 at 9/8C. We’ve got a sneak of this rockstar working the stage with his hit “All Summer Long” and it’s bound to get you out of this end-of-winter slump! Kid Rock wows the crowd for so many reasons – partially because of his luscious golden locks, his iconic shades, and maybe even because of the fact that he’s a five time Grammy Award nominee (yeah, you can brush the dirt off your shoulder now, Kid).
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Is She Really Going Out With Him? 20 Not-So-Hot Rock Stars With Outrageously Hot Girlfriends

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Guys date outside their league all the time, and our girlfriend would totally agree (rimshot). Perhaps this is simply because women are, generally speaking, much more emotionally intelligent dudes, and less apt to base a romantic partnership around something as superficial as looks. Ladies are drawn to more important  qualities like inner beauty of the soul…but in some cases, being an internationally renowned rock star helps a bit, too!

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Five Artists Who Rep America Through Thick And Thin


Happy July 4th, everyone! In honor of America’s 237th b-day, we thought we’d pay tribute to five patriotic artists who have been known to rep the US of A through thick and thin. Many musicians (rightly!) use their art as a way to criticize things about the American country and culture that they feel are in need of change, but the five artists that we have selected here are about as pro-America as you can get.

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