POLL: What Is The Most Disappointing Superstar Duet Of All Time?


By Frank Donovan

We still can’t get over the pleasant surprise of “FourFiveSeconds.” The collaboration of Paul McCartney, Kanye West, and Rihanna is catchy, understated, and doesn’t sound like every other hit. It got us thinking–not as much can be said for a lot of musical combinations over the years.

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by (@hernameislex)

Madonna’s Fall At The Brit Awards Sets The Internet Aflame With Memes


Madonna‘s fall at the Brit Awards caused a ruckus on the internet last night. The cape that picked up enough wind to send Madge down a staircase now has its own Twitter handle, and The Sun newspaper is calling her “The Fallen Madonna.” Vines, Twitter handles, and puns aside, the most entertaining reactions to Madonna’s mishap have come to us in meme form.

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