“Madonna” Talks Her Grammy Performance, Rihanna, & Iggy Azalea

By “Madonna”
Madonna the Matador….
That’s right! I tame the wildest of bulls and I keep them living for my love! That is what happens when you’re a rebel heart….but I digress…I had a spectacular time performing at the Grammys. It really is a wonderful thing to perform in front of your so-called “contemporaries” and really show them how to have longevity in the industry. I am 56 years young and still giving the girls and guys a run for their money. They could put possibly do what I do. Once again I say, “Bitch, I’m Madonna.”
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I’ll get to them when I can…if I don’t, that means I didn’t get to them! See what I’m saying?

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by (@hernameislex)

And The Grammy For Worst Dressed Goes To…

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The Grammys haven’t officially kicked off yet, but some artists have already lost on the red carpet. Iggy Azalea lost for Best Rap Album, but we’re not talking about music here, we’re talking about fashion. From Madonna to Joy Villa, find out who made our list of the worst dressed artists at the 2015 Grammys.  Read more…