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Metallica Honor Those “For Whom The Bell Tolls” And Steal The Show At The Concert For Valor


On a night that honored those who served their country in the United States Military, Metallica showed why they are the biggest heavy metal band in the world. Introduced by metal loving comedian Jack Black as “a favorite of our troops,” and surrounded on stage by servicemen and women, the band’s appearance at The Concert For Valor had the same emotional impact as The Who’s performance at The Concert for New York City following the September 11th attacks. Read more…

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The 11 Heaviest Dates In Heavy Metal History In Honor Of National Metal Day

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Since 2011, the eleventh day of the eleventh month every year has been designated National Metal Day. The honor arises from a classic scene in the 1984 comedy masterpiece This Is Spinal Tap wherein metal guitarist extraordinaire Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) shows off his custom Marshall amps, which are equipped with one extra notch on the volume knob. As Nigel famously puts it: “These go to eleven!”

That sublime moment perfectly encapsulates the fervor, ferocity, and, most importantly, the fun that makes heavy metal the vanguard of rock-and-roll gone “over-the-top.” In addition to its own inborn extremes, heavy metal has always devoured whatever rock music’s latest outrage may be and used it to make itself stronger—from electric blues to punk to hip-hop to grunge and beyond.

So in honor of National Metal Day today, we trace the eleven most insane, untamed, taboo shattering leaps forward in heavy music history. Lock your fingers into horn position, adjust your head for banging, and let’s tear it up!

Hear Ozzy Osbourne tell the story about the night of January 20th in 1982 when he bit the head off a bat, surely one of metal’s heaviest dates.

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Find Out About Heavy Metal’s Latino Heritage In Honor Of National Hispanic Heritage Month

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National Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15th to October 15th and finished up a couple days ago, pays tribute to Hispanic Americans’ rich contribution to the history and culture of the United States. One thing that most metalheads know, is Hispanic Americans have also made huge contributions to the history and culture of heavy metal music. Some of metal’s biggest acts include members from a variety of Hispanic backgrounds, from Chilean-born Slayer frontman Tom Araya to journeyman bassist Rudy Sarzo who lived in Havana, Cuba until the age of 11. It’s a story that doesn’t get told much and surprises those ignorant of the genre and we thought it was time to set the record straight. Read more…


15 Breakthrough Classic Rock Albums That Made The Bands Superstars

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Not every band can be Led Zeppelin or The Beatles or The Jimi Hendrix Experience and immediately make rock history and find fame with their debut album. Many groups we now consider legendary toiled away for years in relative obscurity or achieved cult success, gradually building their fan-bases until one gold album launched them into the stratosphere. Several of the following artists even considered breaking up before finally breaking big; after all, when you put as much work as these bands did into promoting, touring and crafting your own signature style, there’s a point where you just don’t know where it’s all going. But, oh did it go somewhere, to say the least. Whether it’s U2’s The Unforgettable Fire, Rush’s Moving Pictures or Queen’s A Night at the Opera, these groups reached superstar status with one single album – breakthrough successes that contained their biggest hits to date and solidified them as rock legends. Here are 15 historic rock albums that broke the band.

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