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The Most Iconic Hats In Hip-Hop + R&B

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Hip-hop and R&B embody their own styles as much as they do sounds, and hats play a part of the sartorial side to either genre. From Ne-Yo‘s fedoras to Busta Rhymes‘ Dr. Seuss hat, these are the hats that became like limbs to the hip-hop and R&B artists who wore them.

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From Frumpy To Naked, Here Are The Worst Dressed Celebs At The 2014 American Music Awards

The 2014 American Music Awards are happening as we speak, and we’re sorry to report that red carpet fashion was less than ideal for many stars. C’mon, celebs— you have stylists!
From Ne-Yo to Brantley Gilbert, many artists (notably guys) opted for tacky instead of trendy this year. Clashing colors! Leather! Confusing hemlines! It’s the stuff of nightmares, truthfully.

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We Barely Know What These Singers Look Like Without A Weird Hat On

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Ne-Yo, Pharrell and LL Cool J are few of many artists who will almost never leave the house without covering up their locks, or lack thereof, with bizarre headwear. Without wearing these crazy caps, we’re not even sure if we would recognize them. But what we want to know is: what the hell are they hiding under there?!

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12 Pop Artists Who Crossed Over Into EDM (And Nailed It)


EDM (A.K.A. Electronic Dance Music) has single handedly taken over the music industry, and artists of every stripe are jumping on the glow stick-covered bandwagon. The genre has spawned music festivals, fashion trends, and a legion of passionately pogo-ing devotes. EDM has the fans, and it also has the finances: Forbes recently ranked Calvin Harris the highest paid DJ with an annual salary of $46 million!

Clearly there’s a huge incentive for pop and rap stars to branch out, leading artists to test the EDM waters. Many have failed spectacularly, but some like Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and Jay Z passed with flying neon colors. Luckily for you, VH1 has created a handy playlist to serve as your gateway to the land of bass and beat drops. Read on to see which of your favorite artists have successfully crossed over into EDM.

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Listen: TLC Premieres New Song, “Meant To Be”


Twenty one years after TLC debuted their first album, the girl group is back! On Tuesday, the group premiered their brand new song, “Meant To Be,” written by Ne-Yo. The new single will appear on the greatest hits package, 20, which celebrates the group’s longstanding history. Read more…

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Philly Jam Friday Face-Off: J. Cole Vs. Ne-Yo

The Philly 4th Of July Jam was one fabulous fest of fun, especially ’cause we had J.Cole and Ne-Yo to turn up the volume. J. Cole’s performance of “Work Out” made us sweat with excitement and Ne-Yo’s “Because Of You” gave us butterflies. Vote now and tell us which of these hip-hop heart-breakers rocked their music video just as hard as the stage. Read more…

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VOTE: What Video Will Reign Supreme On Saturday’s Top 20 Year End Countdown?

On this week’s episode of the VH1 Top 20 Countdown, we’re rolling out the Top 20 videos of the year from Herald Square, New York City. That’s right, all the videos that have led the countdown throughout the different seasons of the year will now battle it out for Top 20 supremacy. But before the show airs on Saturday at 9am EST, you can still cast your vote for the video you think should take the crown for 2012. Who will it be? You’ll have to tune-in and check back with us on Saturday to find out!

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Aspiring Songwriters Enter The NSAI Song Contest Presented By CMT For A Chance To Win A Mentoring Session With Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie Contest

Aspiring songwriters: listen up! NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT is offering novice songwriters the chance to submit your work, win awesome prizes and advance your career. This year’s winner will receive a 60-minute session with legendary songwriter and artist Lionel Richie. Other prizes range from your song pitched to music industry executives to a three day trip to Nashville to a private tour of the CMT studios. CMT encourages contestants to enter songs of all genres of music. Read more…