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Did Kanye West Take The Melody For “All Day” From A 45-Year-Old Paul McCartney Track?


Yesterday we told you how Kanye West borrowed the So Help Me God album art from a 2010 heavy metal album. We’re not sure what significance it holds (illuminati?), but now it seems his new single also has an unusual genesis. “All Day” dropped yesterday afternoon and features not only Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom, but Paul McCartney on whistling duties. However, that’s not Macca’s only role in the song’s creation. The final minute of the rap track bears a striking resemblance to one of Sir Paul’s songs from 45 years ago.

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Who Won These Epic Ballad Battles And Romantic Musical Duels?

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Yesterday was Brandy Norwood‘s 35th birthday. We have to say, we’re a little shocked. It feels like Brandy’s been in the game so long she could have been 100. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at her musical duel with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine” and we’re going to decide once and for all who won that fight. And it’s not just Brandy vs Monica we’re concerned with today. We’re going head to head for Usher vs R. Kelly, Beyonce vs Shakira, Michael Jackson vs Paul McCartney and a host of other iconic romantic song battles. Want to know who came out on top? Check out our rankings after the jump. Read more…

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The 10 Most Unexpected Paul McCartney Collaborations


Paul McCartney is one of the most iconic living musicians of all time. Whether you like him or not (and you like him, because who doesn’t love Paul, the best Beatle?) there’s absolutely no denying his cultural significance and immense musical talent, especially since his legacy is an ongoing one. That’s right: Paul McCartney is by no means done making music or a cultural impact. To celebrate the legend, and the release of his new single with Rihanna and Kanye West, “FourFiveSeconds”, we’re looking back at the times Paul McCartney shocked us with curveball collaborations. From Carly Simon or his secret band The Fireman, to rocking out on stage with Jay-Z and Linkin Park, these are the most unexpected Paul McCartney alliances we’ve been blessed with.

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