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Rihanna Drops Stripped Down New Song “FourFiveSeconds” Featuring Kanye West + Paul McCartney


It’s here! Rihanna shared a sneak peek of her new music on Twitter tonight, and it’s better than we could have imagined. New Riri tracks are always a reason to celebrate (especially after a too-long two years), but this track boasts appearances from both Kanye West AND Sir Paul McCartney! Thank you for making our wildest pop dreams come true, Rihanna…

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15 Times Our Musical Idols Were Real-Life Heroes

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-By Frank Donovan 

Die-hard fans claim that music has saved their lives in troubled times. While we’ve totally been there, today we’re taking it a step further with instances when musicians have literally saved lives or otherwise contributed more than their musical talents to the common good. Some are in the right place at the right time when disaster strikes. Others use their vast cultural influence to make a difference.

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Kanye West Starts off the New Year With ‘Only One’ Featuring Paul McCartney

kanye west

Late, but always on time. Kanye West brings in the new year with a sentimental track “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney. This serves as his first official record since 2013’s Yeezus. Fans have gotten glimpses of new music, including the unfinished track “God Level” and the leaked “All Day” snippet, but they don’t come close to this. Read more…

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‘The Beatles Never Existed’ Conspiracy Will Make You Question Everything You Knew About The Fab Four


You may think you’re a Beatles fan, but a new website will prove that you don’t even know the half of it. The startling claims to have blown the lid off one the biggest conspiracies of 21st century music. Or maybe it’s just a hilarious parody. Either way, your mind is about to be blown by this incredibly insane theory.
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Find Out Which Rock Stars Have Guested On Cooking Shows And Shown Off Their Culinary Skills


Rock n’ roll and cooking. The two go together like peanut butter and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. Actually the pairing is more common than you might think. Both aspiring rockers and chefs spend long hours learning their crafts in unsafe working conditions, thrive on spontaneous creativity, and aspire to send their audiences into a state of pleasure-driven bliss. Add to that the fact that many a musician has found kitchen work over the years, some even going on to become renowned world class chefs, and it’s no wonder there’s a podcast named Food Is The New Rock that obsesses on all things food and music.

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