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Pete Wentz Explains Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” And Why They’re Always Getting Beaten Up In Their Videos

Since we last spoke with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, the band has completed their long-form video series The Young Blood Chronicles, performed at VH1′s SoundClash with T.I. and London Grammar, contributed a song to Disney’s Big Hero 6 soundtrack and collabed with fellow Windy City-native Lupe Fiasco on a new rendition of the Chicago Bulls’ “Only The Bulls” theme song. Most important to fans however, is new music in the form of the song “Centuries” and it’s expected epic video where the band gets their hands dirty in the gladiator pit and once again gets the crap beat out of them. Find out what Pete had to say about the song and video and when the world can expect a new Fall Out Boy record. Read more…


Get An Inside Look At The Making Of SoundClash Before Tonight’s Premiere Episode


Tonight’s the night we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the first episode of SoundClash, the most unique music experience on television, brought to you by Executive Producer Ahmir “QuestLove” Thompson and hosted by Diplo. But what goes into preparing for one of the biggest shows in music? Get a behind the scenes look into the making of SoundClash, straight from the artists themselves.
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