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Find Out Which Rock Stars Have Guested On Cooking Shows And Shown Off Their Culinary Skills


Rock n’ roll and cooking. The two go together like peanut butter and Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. Actually the pairing is more common than you might think. Both aspiring rockers and chefs spend long hours learning their crafts in unsafe working conditions, thrive on spontaneous creativity, and aspire to send their audiences into a state of pleasure-driven bliss. Add to that the fact that many a musician has found kitchen work over the years, some even going on to become renowned world class chefs, and it’s no wonder there’s a podcast named Food Is The New Rock that obsesses on all things food and music.

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Day 1 At Hangout Fest: 6 Acts You Absolutely CAN’T Miss On Today’s Livestream

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Hangout Fest 2014 officially kicks off today, and we’re hitting the ground running with some stellar A-list acts of every flavor! But how do you choose between the more than two dozen bands playing? Don’t worry! VH1 has broken it all down for you. Here are the six performances that you simply CANNOT miss today…

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Eddie Trunk Puts “Clueless” Grammys On Blast For Years Of Metal Neglect!

The Grammy Awards has had a long history of ignoring hard rock and heavy metal ever since the genre emerged screaming from the womb of late ‘60s rock. Consider that such legendary bands as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath never received a single Grammy Award during their existences and years later were only awarded for live recording from their reunion shows. Last night’s show seemingly went to lengths to include hard rock and metal with performances by Metallica and Queens Of The Stone Age though metal fans have been rightfully outraged about Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman being excluded from the In Memorium montage. in DJ, author and host of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, Eddie Trunk is one of hard rock and metal’s biggest fans and greatest advocates and has long been critical of the genre’s treatment by the mainstream media in general and institutions like The Grammys and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in particular. We asked Eddie to share his thoughts on last night’s show and why the music still never gets the respect it deserves all these years later. Read more…

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When Rockers Get Ridiculous: Hilarious Moments Of On-Stage Banter

For fans of hard rock and heavy metal, the live concert is the ultimate experience and any band worth their Marshalls knows how to whip the crowd into a frenzy with a few well-placed “YEAHS” and “ALRIGHTS!” And then there’s Paul Stanley. Taking a cue from Humble Pie‘s Steve Marriot, the Kiss singer is renowned for his over the top stage banter, first heard on the classic Alive! live record. Fans have even taken to editing together all his stage raps from various live recordings leading to a 45 minute mega-mix available here for your listening pleasure. Thankfully Paul’s not the only one to go a little too far trying to rile up the crowd so check out more of our favorite ridiculous stage raps and hilarious stage-banter from some of hard rock and heavy metal’s biggest and best.
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Former Queens Of The Stone Age Bassist Causes Four-Hour S.W.A.T. Standoff

Bassist Nick Oliveri of Kyuss and, formerly, Queens of the Stone Age, held his girlfriend hostage last night at his Los Angeles duplex, according to TMZ. Oliveri’s girlfriend allegedly told police she had left the apartment they share on Monday after he struck her during an argument, but returned the next evening to collect her belongings and move out, at which point the two got into another heated exchange. Oliveri barred police responding to a neighbor’s 911 call from entry to the apartment. He would not permit his girlfriend to leave the apartment for two hours, and did not himself leave the apartment for an additional two hours. A search turned up a loaded “high powered rifle.”

Queens of the Stone Age fans may recall that allegations of domestic violence were the cause of Oliveri’s firing back in 2004. As reported by Billboard in July 2005, frontman Josh Homme told BBC’s Radio 1 that he’d heard a rumor about an incident of domestic violence involving Oliveri, and at the time told the bassist, “If I ever find out that this is true, I can’t know you, man.” In 2004 Homme received independent confirmation of abuse and dismissed Oliveri. He has not since played with the bassist in any capacity and opted out of the recent Kyuss reunion.

Ex-Queens of the Stone Age Guy — S.W.A.T. Standoff [TMZ]

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Radiohead Communicate (Vaguely) and Eddie Cleans Up (Nicely)

EvhParty Like It’s 2001
Foul-mouthed rabble rousers Queens of the Stone Age release a clip of their latest "Sick Sick Sick" and introduce us to their new spokesman Bulby. Lead Stroke Julian Casablancas guests — who knew three frames of animation could keep us entertained for so long?

Rehab Works Wonders on Van Halen
In addition to detox and counseling, looks like they offer frosting and tanning services at Eddie Van Halen’s rehab clinic. Or at least de-Golluming.

Radiohead Album…Soon?
After lucidly railing against global warming, Thom Yorke drops typos like they’re hot and reveals he’s got a new Radiohead album, then rubs your face in it. "i have a cd of what we;’ve been up to…and you haven’t. yet. (sorry)" [mega-sic].


Hear + Now: Monkeys, Bjork, Queens


Yeah, you’re all hopped up to hear the new Arctic Monkeys disc, Favorite Worst Nightmare. Lots of people are. Crank the volume to 11 and prepare to be messed with when "Brianstorm" comes squawking out of the band’s MySpace page. See ‘em live by jumping in here.

A morsel of Bjork’s new Volta is up for sampling on her page, too. The choppy "Innocence" is seductive in a robotic kind of way. The full CD doesn’t drop until May 8. The Icelandic one is does her thing on Saturday Night Live tomorrow.

The always impressive Queens of the Stone Age do the math on their latest track, "3’s & 7’s." It’s from their pending disc Era Vulgaris, and it’s currently streaming on their Web site. The guys will salute Ozzy Osbourne at VH1’s Rock Honors on May 24. Don’t miss.