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Drawn To It: The 15 Greatest Animated Music Videos Of All Time


Not all music videos have to be insanely sexy all the time. In fact, they don’t even have to have real people! Some of our very favorite clips feature the work of extremely talented designers and illustrators, who craft a colorful world that dazzle our eyes while the music seduces our ears. From A-ha to Yeezy, read on for 15 of the greatest animated music videos of all time!

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VH1 Staff Picks: 14 Amazing Bands You Need To See Perform Live In 2014


If you’re a music lover (or even if you’re not) there are few things greater than seeing a band perform live. At its best, it’s like watching magic happen right in front of your eyes! But we know that tickets sometimes ain’t cheap, and sometimes going to see a show can be a big investment. So your friendly neighborhood VH1 staffers have decided to pool our knowledge (and our ticket stubs) and give our picks for the very best live musicians in the biz. If you ever get a chance, be sure to beg, borrow or steal a ticket, because these folks are not to be missed! And if they’re not touring, then do whatever you can to gain access to their homes and listen to them sing in the shower, because your musical existence will never be complete without these epic performers making sweet love to your ear drums. Get your lighters out, because here are 14 of the best concerts you will ever see…

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Double Trouble: The 35 Best-Selling Double Albums Of All Time

Double Albums Main

Ahhh, the double album. It wasn’t always just for greatest hits packages and live releases. Yes, there was a time when these twin-plates were the format of choice for musicians with a lot of material and a lot to say. The results were usually sprawling opuses, packed to the brim with epic tracks. Sure we record buyers had to shell out a little extra cash, but we didn’t care. In fact, we felt spoiled: We were being treated to TWO new records by our favorite artist instead of just one!

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10 Songs That Sound Way Too Much Like Other Songs

Similar Songs

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but that’s not usually true for musicians. In fact, they tend to get pretty pissed. With only 12 musical notes to choose from, some songs are bound to resemble each other occasionally,  but through the years there have been heated debates over tunes that borrow a little too heavily from others. George Harrison famously got taken to court  when he “subliminally plagiarized”  the Chiffons record “He’s So Fine” while writing “My Sweet Lord” in 1970.  Other stars take matters into their own hands and just complain a lot in the press. And then of course there are songs that sound similar to us, but maybe we’re just weird. Head below to check out 10 songs that are dangerously similar to different songs. Get ready for some serious musical deja vu!

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10 Unexpectedly Awesome Cover Versions Of Classic Songs

10 Unexpectedly Awesome Covers

It’s a commonly held view that covers suck. They can be lame, unimaginative and tantamount to stealing someone else’s thoughts. Just ask Prince, who apparently wants to make covering songs illegal! Or at least his own songs…

“Why do we need to hear another cover of a song that someone else did?” he wondered aloud during an interview with Billboard. “Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.” But that’s not always the case. Every now and then you get a version that rethinks the tune from the ground up, and totally breathes new life into an old classic. Just check out these 10 amazing covers that came totally out of left field and shocked us with their awesomeness!

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Frank Ocean Shows Us “What’s A Radiohead Anyways” With His Cover Of “Fake Plastic Trees”

“You ain’t got no Jodeci? What is a Radiohead anyway?” Last Thursday the six-time Grammy-nominated Frank Ocean proved once and for all that he knows exactly what “A Radiohead” is, slipping an affecting but so-sweet cover of their 1995 classic “Fake Plastic Trees” into a short set he played for a Spotify event in New York. Ocean skipped straight to the song’s final verse — the bit about “I can’t help the feeling / I could blow through the ceiling” seeming resonant right about now — and only got about a minute and a half of the song in before getting back to his own “Voodoo,” but it was enough to get the crowd whoop-ing and us hoping that he might someday do more like this. This is sure to leave you with all sorts of feelings.

Frank Ocean Covers Radiohead At The 2012 Spotify Press Event [ONTD]

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The Top 29 British Musical Acts That Got Snubbed During The 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Summer Olympics officially kicked off with an opening ceremony conceived by the Academy Award winning British film director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire,
Trainspotting, 28 Days Later). One of the sections of tonight’s broadcast bore the unusual name Frankie And June Say Thanks Tim, a love story that contained what NBC’s Matt Lauer described as “a tribute to the best British musical acts of the last 40 years.” Well, although Boyle and his musical supervisors managed to include a decent selection of bands that could be considered canon-worthy, we’d like to call your attention to this (quite undefinitive!) list of 29 highly respected bands that got royally snubbed (in alpha order*):

Black Sabbath
Culture Club
The Cure
Def Leppard
Depeche Mode
Dire Straits
Duran Duran
Elton John (!!!)
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Radiohead Stage Collapses, Killing One and Injuring Three Others

Summer concert season is upon us, which means that a lot of people will be seeing shows by their favorite bands in unusual venues. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that stages are erected so quickly that there isn’t always a great deal of time to double- and triple-check to ensure that all safety regulations have been met. To wit, a massive section of the stage collapsed at Toronto’s Downsview Park Saturday afternoon ahead of Radiohead‘s sold-out show there, killing Radiohead’s drum tech, Scott Johnson, and injuring three other crew members. It’s not yet clear exactly what happened, but the Ontario Ministry of Labor will investigate the collapse to see that safety regulations and standards were followed and that staff were probably trained.

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway paid tribute to Johnson on the band’s website. “We have all been shattered by the loss of Scott Johnson, our friend and colleague,” he wrote. “He was a lovely man, always positive, supportive and funny; a highly skilled and valued member of our great road crew. We will miss him very much. Our thoughts and love are with Scott’s family and all those close to him.”

The past year has seen a series of similar tragedies, notably a collapse at a Sugarland performance at the Indiana State Fair that left six dead, another at the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium, and a third at a Cheap Trick show at Ottawa’s Bluesfest.

Radiohead drum technician killed in stage collapse [AP]

[Photo: Getty Images]