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Does Sia’s “Diamonds” Shine Brighter Than Rihanna’s “Diamonds”?

It’s no real secret that Rihanna doesn’t write her own music, but as Leona Lewis might tell you, just because she can make a song famous does not necessarily mean she always does it best. And so when we first heard “Diamonds,” we noted that Rihanna seemed to be mimicking the song’s author Sia‘s enunciation and vocal quality at times. Sia sounded good on Rihanna, but the eerie verisimilitude got us wondering — if Rihanna’s is this good, just how great could the former You Oughta Know Artist‘s take be?

Sia performed the song at the Norwegian-American Achievement Awards ceremony a few weeks back and — to nobody’s great surprise — it turns out Sia’s version is really, really, very good. Stripped of the glimmering production and 808 thump, her go is interestingly haunted and maybe a bit mournful where Rihanna’s is hopeful and inspiring. Sia’s got a much more expansive vocal range and she was able to open new corners of the her song that’s since become Rihanna’s hit. And because it’s not duplicitous or better but just different, we now have two “Diamonds” to enjoy.

We think that the world is a better place for having both these “Diamonds” out there for out listening pleasure, but what say you: Do you think Sia should have kept “Diamonds” for herself? Or is it better suited for someone so #unapologetic as Rihanna?

Sia Sang ‘Diamonds’! Sia Sang ‘Diamonds’! [Vulture]

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Rita Ora To Make Her Big Screen Debut In The Fast And The Furious 6, But Rumor Has It Rihanna Wanted The Role

Rita Lands Fast and the Furious 6 Role

Oh, brother. Did Rita Ora land the role Rihanna secretly coveted in the forthcoming The Fast and the Furious 6? Hopefully this is just another silly ploy by the tabloids to create a non-existent chick beef between the singers. The fact is: Rita Ora did nail her audition enough to snag a role in the sixth flick in the series that shall never end. Read more…


Future Calls On The Queen Of Rap Remixes, Kelly Rowland, For “Neva End” Video + Jimmy Kimmel Performance

Future is quickly becoming the new “it” guy. He’s one of the new-age rappers that can’t really be confined to a narrow space. He raps, but then he sings, albeit auto-tune assisted. He’s slowly honing his new niche–making music with the leading ladies of R&B and pop. He landed on Rihanna‘s “Loveeeeeee Song” from her No. 1 album Unapologetic; and Ciara called up the rapper for the remix to “Sorry.” For the remix to “Neva End” he’s enlisted R&B veteran Kelly Rowland, who is the go-to girl for hot seductive songs with rappers. And although “Neva End” is Future’s song, Kelly owns it. Read more…

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Unapologetic Lands At The Top Of The Charts, Earning Rihanna Her First No. 1 Album

As her 777 tour wound down last week, “Diamonds” became Rihanna’s 12th chart topping single, making Rihanna the pop star with the most No. 1 singles ever, an unusual honor when you consider that she had yet to put out a chart topping album to match. But this week that’s changed, as Unapologetic lands atop the charts this week, earning the star yet another plaque for her wall and her first ever No. 1 album. Seventh time’s a charm?

The good, bad and definitely about Chris Brown album debuts this week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, with 238,000 copies sold. Which isn’t an incredible debut week, especially given Taylor Swift‘s insane 1.2 million or Mumford & Sons 600,000 or even Kendrick Lamar‘s none too shabby 242,122 albums sold showings, but it’s good enough to get Rihanna her first No. 1 album and to bring “legit” tears to her eyes. It’s a little bit hard to believe that this is the first time, but Unapologetic is also the first album release that she’s celebrated mid-air with hundreds of fans and journalists — so probably that Rihannairplane has paid itself off?

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Rihanna ‘Wishes She Could Give More’ To Journalists During 777 Tour

Rihanna Says She Needed Her Beauty Rest

Rihanna knows how to make history. The 777 tour will go down in history as the brilliant marketing idea that was poorly executed. The journalists became the story after days of having no access to Rihanna, minimum Wi-fi (which is essential to doing the work of a journalist), little sleep and having to wait on a plane for hours. By the third day the bad press had made it rounds on the ‘net. Still, Rihanna had little effs to give and remained mostly ghost. Read more…

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Tuned In: Watch Rihanna Get Drenched On The X-Factor UK

Where’s that “Umbrella” when you need it? Miraculously still on her feet after her whirlwind 777 Tour, Rihanna turned up on The X-Factor UK for a rather damp performance. Things began simple, the stage dark save for a glowing Rihanna in a curve hugging black gown and it seemed like she was going to play it straight and just sing. But then she made it rain, and not metaphorically, like she does in Unapologetic‘s dark strip club anthem “Pour It Up” — we’re talking literal raindrops falling from somewhere high above the X-Factor stage that left her dripping wet. She’s not the kind of girl that let’s a little mess slow her down though, and she belted her chart topper straight through to the end before breaking to wring her hair out.

Check Out Bruno Mars’ Performance

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Rihanna’s Unapologetic: The Good, The Bad and The Definitely About Chris Brown

#Rihannaplane landed last night in New York, and while we wait on the final dispatches from our brave colleagues who were onboard, we thought we would take a moment to start looking at the album that has inspired the whole thing but been seemingly tucked a back seat pocket for the duration of the seven days. Who has time to talk dub-break downs when there’s Ace to be sipped and buses to catch! We get it.

But Unapologetic marks Rihanna’s seventh turn, and it brings to the table much to be reckoned with regarding quality and quantity and he-who-shall-not-be-named. There is also Rihanna’s confidence and swaggering deviance, and of course: “Diamonds.”

Let’s break it down:


Rihanna Curses Out Her Band In London During 777 Tour

The mayhem is finally over. Rihanna‘s 777 tour plane has landed in NYC for its final show. And based on the around the clock coverage and tweets of a handful of the 200 journalists and bloggers who were along for the 7 countries 7 days 7 shows ride, we’d bet money folks are happy it’s over (including Rihanna). As down to earth as the mega star seems, don’t mess up her music. Riri ripped her band a new one at last night’s London concert. And thanks to the livestream it lives on the ‘net forever. Read more…


Chaos Aboard #777Tour Leads To Streaking As Journalists Wonder If They’ll Ever Make It Home

Yikes. Things aboard the #777Tour are getting intense. Janell Snowden and our trusty Tweeter Pegah are still stuck aboard the S.S. Rihanna and it doesn’t seem like they want to be there much longer. Meanwhile, there’s a livestream of Rihanna’s London show happening as we type, but what’s getting more attention are the antics on the plane. Only a few hours ago, a frustrated Aussie reporter streaked while the cabin chanted. That’s right. And we have the video so check it out. (Don’t worry, we’ve blacked out any evidence of nudity.)

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Got #777 Fever? Stream Rihanna’s Show Live From London Tonight!

Perhaps you’ve been following all the fun (and mutiny) the Rihanna plane has been enduring and feeling jealous? Tonight is your lucky night, because Jay-Z is hosting a live stream of Rihanna’s Day 6 show in London on his website Life+Times tonight at 5 PM ET. The stream may not come with Ace of Spades nor those coveted Rihanna socks, but it will allow you to enjoy the splendor that is Rihanna’s 777 Tour without all those transit hours and streakers. And, who knows — with all the eager eyes diverted temporarily from @VH1Music@RihannaPlane and #freetherihanna150 and with Unapologetic‘s release to celebrate, anything could happen! Tune here it at 5 PM ET.

Stream Rihanna’s Live Performance In London [PigeonsAndPlanes]