Beef Alert: Storch Tries to Chop Down Timba


It remains to be seen whether the latest rap beef will reach the level of Jay-Z vs. Nas (or even Shaq vs. Mad Skillz), but you can now add Scott Storch and Timbaland to the list of hip-hop-heads who officially got gripe with each other.

Timbaland apparently started the most recent round of their long-standing histrionics by taking a swipe at Scott "Piano Man" Storch on his latest single, "Give It to Me". On it, Timba raps: "I’m a real producer and you just a piano man. Your songs don’t top the charts; I heard ‘em, I’m not a fan."

Storch then countered with the track "Built Like Dat" (listen to it here), a song devoted to the art of "Timothy"-bashing. From accusing him of steroid use to saying he mismanaged Beat Club Records, Storch’s entire track — which features Nox — is a three-minute attempt at cutting down some Timba.

Final verdict? While Storch scores points for some funny lyrics — "You tryin’ to lose weight, tryin’ to gain some respect … But still ain’t lose that pack of franks out the back a ya neck" — he’s going after a guy with a nearly flawless resume, while his own C.V. is a bit checkered. Advantage: Timba. (And add Storch to the list of people who wish they hadn’t gotten in bed with Paris.)

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