Tour Survival Guide: The Feeling


Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here?s Dan Gillespie Sells from the Feeling talking legos, warm-ups and a little something called ?Gig-Ade.?

The Magic Gig Elixir
It’s really hard to do a gig without single-malt scotch whiskey. [Guitarist] Kevin [Jeremiah] has a gig cocktail — four espresso coffees, in a big pint cup, with whiskey and honey. It helps him through the show. He calls that Gig-Ade. It’s good for the voice and it keeps you going.

No Legos, No Rawk
We always ask for Legos. By the time we finish the tour, we’ve got our own Lego village going on. I did a road sweeper once — it was the most complicated road sweeper ever. Once we got a helicopter — that was more Legos for older kids. It was a bit too complicated for us. Especially after too much whiskey.

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