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Celebrate The Super Bowl With Hard Rock’s Top 10 Jock Jams!

The Super Bowl hits today with a giant wallop of testosterone, from the on-field battling to the at-home screaming to the face-painting to the cheap beer and nachos. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from piling on even more masculine energy with this list of the greatest rock and metal stadium anthems. Whether you’re rooting for Seattle or Denver to triumph in the end, or you just don’t care at all, there’s at least one song on this list that you’ve cared about at some point in your life. And while these songs have been played at stadiums of all sports ad nauseam and can now be considered quite Velveeta-cheesy, they’re still some of the most motivating, inspiring and adrenaline-rushing songs we’ve ever known. From AC/DC to Queen to The White Stripes, they’ve all hit us hard with melodies and messages of hope, belief and victory. So to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII, here’s a list of the 10 Greatest Rock & Metal Jock Jams of all time – songs that are the musical equivalent of a kick in the pants. Hope you’re wearing your cup. Read more…

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This Is The End: The 10 Most Devastating Band Breakups Of All Time

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Like the great poet Neil Sedaka once said, breaking up is hard to do. It’s bad enough with couples in love, but when a band splits up, everyone suffers. Sure there’s always some solo stuff to look forward to, but it’s always lame (let’s be honest). The magical blend of your now-defunct favorite band is gone forever…and it’s hard, man!

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Chill Out Music: Your Ultimate Sub-Zero Cold Weather Playlist!

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We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s cold. Damn cold. Cold enough for bubbles to freeze as soon as they hit the air. It’s getting insane. Yesterday we tried to heat things up by thinking warm thoughts and bringing you some super hot celebrities with epic tan lines, but that’s just not doing the trick anymore. So now we’re just giving in and embracing the sub zero-temps in the best way we know how: with our patented ULTIMATE COLD WEATHER PLAYLIST!

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The 10 Biggest Songs About Balls


Miley Cyrus, who released her album Bangerz this week featuring the hit song and video “Wrecking Ball,” isn’t the first artist to sing about balls in popular music. Hell, she isn’t even the first performer to sing about wrecking balls; Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen all beat her to the punch. But whether used as a noun, a verb or a turn of phrase, whether they be wrecking balls, balls of fire, crystal balls or the type of balls that men do their best to protect, balls figure prominently in a number of classic songs. So without further adieu, here are 10 of the biggest songs ever written about balls.

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Jack Johnson Performs “I Got You” + Covers The White Stripes For Album Release

Jack Johnson’s new album From Her To Now To You drops today, and VH1 News recently caught up with the singer-songwriter to capture two exclusive performances.

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Break Up to Make Up: 10 Bands We Wish Would Get Back Together, Already

The Fugees The White Stripes The Spice Girls

The retro junkie in us loves all the nostalgia-y acts performing this summer: Guns ‘N Roses at the Governor’s Ball; Boys II Men, New Kids On the Block, and 98 Degrees on The Package Tour. Which got us thinking, what other bands do we wish would get back together — if only for one perfect night? From The Fugees to Motley Crue, here’s our wish list.

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Jack White Cut His New York Show Short And Incited An Angry Mob

Jack White was not a happy camper this weekend, performing for a sold-out and perhaps dull crowd in New York City at the Radio City Music Hall. After bickering with a shirtless man in the front row and complaining that, “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?” (because you know how those NPR conventions can get, with all their shirtless goers and such), the former White Stripes frontman cut his set short and jumped-show. The audience stuck around hoping for a second act or encore, but were disappointed when the lights were turned on and ushers were sent in to explain that, “The show is over, we don’t know why.” Woomp woomp.

To the streets they poured, swarming around the backstage door where — rowdy like a Jack White incited mob wont be — they chanted things like “f*** Jack White!” and “Jack White kills puppies” and began tweeting angrily with the hashtag #JackWhiteDebacle. Some, according to the New York Observer, even returned the t-shirts and posters they had bought at the show. Read more…

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Shearer’s Spotlight: 10 Reasons Why Jack White Is The Real “Most Interesting Man In The World”

Each week here on VH1 Tuner, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer’s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown tomorrow morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Jim ShearerLast week I saw Jack White perform live at Webster Hall (New York City), and throughout the concert one word came to mind (fittingly in all capital letters): FASCINATING.

In the age of social media and TMZ, where nothing is a secret anymore, how can one of today’s most respected/popular musicians—one who just scored a #1 album—manage to keep his mystique as alluring as a leprechaun riding bareback on a unicorn?

The Dos Equis man may claim to be the “most interesting person in the world,” but Jack White is currently the most fascinating man in music.

Here are 10 reasons why:

10. Divorce Party
When Jack White divorced his model/singer wife Karen Elson, not only did they do so amicably, but they threw a party to celebrate. Invitations were even made for the event billing it as a “humdinger.”

9. Ice, Ice Baby
While many musicians make public their sports allegiances, it’s not known if Jack White even likes sports. Nashville’s professional hockey team the Predators are currently still alive in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and now that he calls Nashville home, I wonder if Jack White ever goes to a game, wears a replica jersey, or checks the box-score in the morning paper? (I also wonder if he’s sad that his hometown Detroit Red Wings were knocked out by the Predators in the first round?)

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Watch These Thrones: The Best Collaboration Albums

As Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s Watch The Throne tour kicks off this week, there’s really not all that much else to talk about. Between set lists, leather outfits, copious bling and “OMG WILL PREGONCÉ OR FRANK OCEAN OR BOTH MAKE AN APPEARANCE?”, it’s a truly immersive experience, permeating all facets of daily life and conversation. So while we wait very impatiently for our turn to Watch The Throne, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite collaboration albums of all-time.

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Saturday Is Record Store Day

This Saturday, April 16, Record Store Day celebrates four years of promoting brick and mortar, non-corporate-owned music sellers. Since 2008, an increasing number of artists on both independent and major labels have concocted exclusive releases and recordings and made them available for sale only through independent record stores on the third Saturday of April, as a means of helping them continue to survive in today’s complex retail landscape (dominated by big box stores and digital downloads). In conjunction, many shops host in-store performances or giveaways. There’s always a good reason to visit your favorite local independent record store, but Record Store Day’s exclusives and artist appearances provide a hefty additional incentive.

Record Store Day’s list of exclusive releases is exhaustive, but also a bit overwhelming, so here are some of your best bets (including a bunch from You Oughta Know artists):
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