Antonella vs Simon: The End is Near


Ms. Barba took a stab at a Corrine Bailey Rae hit last night, but the results weren?t as spectacular as those ooh-la-la pics of her that have been ruling the InterWeb for the last few days. Maybe ?Put Your Records On? would have sounded better if Antonella sang it while covered with blood red flowers or a wet t-shirt. At any rate, mediocrity was in the air, and there was a consensus from the judges? perch.

  • Randy thought the performance was a "little pitchy."
  • Paula cautioned her to watch out for the "bottom notes."
  • Simon, of course, cut to the chase, telling the Jersey girl ?You’ve gone as far as you can go?the reality is that you’re surrounded by some pretty amazing girl singers. And I don’t know how much more you can do, because I don’t think you’re voice is going to get any better.?
  •  Antonella, with her 15 minutes of fame likely ticking away, stood tall, telling Ryan Seacrest, ?I know  I’m surrounded by really talented people, but I think I have a different style than them. I wish the judges wouldn’t compare me to anyone else.?

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