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Carmen Electra’s Engaged: Take Three


Carmen Electra is engaged to ex-Korn guitarist Rob Patterson. They’ve been dating for less than a year. This will be the actress’ (is that what she does?) third marriage. One more and she beats Pam Anderson‘s record! So yeah, congrats (and good luck)!


Travis and Shanna Keep the Trend Going

Big surprise – the stars of MTV’s Meet The Barkers are calling it quits for realsies this time. After shooting their reality – "look at us we’re a normal married couple with kids, tattoos and millions of dollars" – show about wedded bliss, the pair split, reconciled, and have now split again, for good. And good riddance to them! They join a slew of other couples who popped upon MTV together and in love only to find themselves bitten by the "We’re so happy together" reality TV show curse. Think we’re lying? Look who else has felt the black magic:

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Carmen and Joan: Just Friends


Carmen Electra‘s publicist has shot down months-old reports that she and butch rocker Joan Jett are an item. It’s too bad, they look cute together in that heteronormative, you-know-damn-well-who-wears-the-leather-pants kinda way. Sucks!

Anyway, with that cleared up, after the jump is a list of a few more people that Carmen Electra isn’t dating. Just in case you’re (sexually) confused. []

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