Wait for It – Interpol, Daniel Craig

[Wait for It is our regular roundup of things to look forward to in
pop culture.


Interpol_waitMope-rockers Interpol have wrapped recording on their third album, due out early this summer on Capitol – their first for their major label. The foursome, the rightful heirs to the suicide sounds of Joy Division and New Order, told NME about a couple of songs (?Mammoth? and ?The Heimlich Manoeuvre?), explained that they?d used more keyboards this time and announced tour dates – in Canada. The reason? Speculation has it that Interpol goes down better in wintry weather, and it stays cold up north at least until August. At least. []

– Jonathan Durbin


Dcraig_waitDaniel Craig‘s ice-blue eyes may be of little use to him in an upcoming role. The man best known as Bond is eying a role in the big-screen adaptation of Blindness, the book that helped nab its author Jos? Saramago the Nobel Prize for literature. The story concerns a town whose citizens mysteriously go blind. Julianne Moore is attached, which is good because she’s awesome and bad because her hotness is totally going to waste on a bunch of blind people. [Hollywood Reporter/Reuters]