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13 Inked Up Rappers’ Most Memorable Tattoos

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Ever since Tupca got “THUG LIFE” brazenly tattooed across his stomach, rappers have been giving bikers a run for their money when it comes to getting inked up. Tattoos can be super cool, super embarassing or just make you say “What the f***?,” but when it comes to hip hop tats, the results are always memorable, at the very least. Even when they’re re on a rapper’s face, or should I say, especially when they’re on a rapper’s face.
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The Most Shocking Murders In Music History

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It’s always difficult when beloved musicians pass away before their time, but it’s even more tragic when they’re taken from us with a senseless act of violence. This time of year is a particularly harsh reminder of the many artists who have been cut down in their prime, before they were able to complete their work for the world. Last Sunday marked 33 years since peace icon John Lennon was shot dead in front of his New York City apartment building, and 9 years since Pantera shredder Dimebag Darrell was gunned down in mid-performance. As if that’s not sad enough, today is the 49th anniversary of soul legend Sam Cooke’s mysterious death in a Los Angeles motel.

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INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson Is Giving Hope To The Hopeless With His New Documentary Film

Last weekend, singer/actor/author and all-around entertainment dynamo Tyrese Gibson released the documentary film based on his life, A Black Rose That Grew Through Concrete, on his personal website I scratch my head in ponderment (yes that is a word y’all, look it up) just thinking about how the 34-year-old, Watts born-and-bred phenom found the time to make a documentary with everything else that he has going on in his life. Read more…


50 Cent Wants That Michael Jackson Status

Get rich or die trying is a motto that no longer suits 50 Cent. He’s filthy rich and didn’t have to die trying. Best believe 50’s still chasing the mula, but he’s starting to think about what he wants his legacy to be after he’s gone. It’s a bit morbid to think of how you want the world to remember you. But 50 Cent is clear he wants to be named among the greats. Read more…

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Last Lap: Carly Rae Jepsen Is Working With LMFAO

They met at the airport and then he called her definitely, and now they are writing a song together. Over the phone. Literally. [MTV]

His smoke ring blowing game is good. [NR]

The virtual Tupac that wowed at Coachella picked up a prestigious Cannes Lions Titanium Award. Respect where due! [AllHipHop]
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Waka Flocka Says Turn On Watch The Throne If You Want Great Lyrics, Triple F Life Is Club Music

Waka Flocka says don't look to his album for lyrics

Waka Flocka’s first album may be a nod to the late poetic Tupac, but Flocka, lyrically, is no Pac. And he knows it. His sophomore album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans, Family drops today, but the southern rapper, better known for club bangers than lyrical content, wants listeners to know if they’re expecting lyricism they will be disappointed. In an interview with the rapper said, “If you’re looking for lyrics, throw it out the window. Go throw on Watch the Throne.” We’re not sure if that’s a great marketing tactic, but at least he’s honest. That’s got to count for something. Read more…


Yo: The Story Of Yo! MTV Raps Sneak Peek: Saying Goodbye With A Big Ol’ Freestyle Session

It was a sad day when Yo! MTV Raps ended after a remarkable seven year run. Tonight we’re indulging in a healthy dose of nostalgia by watching the debut of Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps, which includes Tupac’s unforgettable “thug life” rant against the Hughes brothers and Mike Tyson punching host Ed Lover. And what would a look at the story behind Yo! MTV Raps be without a classic freestyle farewell from countless emcees? It’s only right that the likes of Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim, KRS-One, Redman, Method Man, Flavor Flav and others send off the show properly. Read more…


The Return of Elvis Presley In Hologram Form

Elvis Presley Hologram In the Works

Thanks to Dr. Dre’s resurrection of Tupac at Coachella, the popularity of holograms of deceased artists is only going to continue to grow. CNN’s Marquee Blog reports the Elvis Presley hologram is on its way. It’s the return of Elvis, y’all. And his resurgence isn’t exclusive to performances only. According to CORE Media Group, which has partnered with Digital Domain Media Group (the same company that created the Tupac hologram), Elvis’ image will be used for “a range of entertainment projects – from shows and appearances to film, TV and multi-platform productions throughout the world,” according to a released statement. Can we say cha-ching? Read more…


Yo: The Story Of Yo! MTV Raps Sneak Peek: Tupac Spazzes About The Hughes Brothers Fight

VH1 Rock Docs is back with another documentary, and this time it takes a look at the story behind the classic show Yo! MTV Raps. In this sneak peek of Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps Tupac blasts the Hughes brothers for firing him from their movie Menace II Society. What made Yo! MTV Raps great was hosts Ed Lover and Doctor Dre’s connection with the artists that made them feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Unfortunately for Pac, being himself landed him in a whirlwind of legal troubles after the Hughes brothers filed charges against him for assault. Read more…


Happy Mother’s Day From VH1! (Spotify Playlist)

Happy Mother's Day From VH1

We here at VH1 are strong believers that mothers are worthy of appreciation 365 days a year. That said, this Sunday is the official day we honor those special women in our lives. Seeing as how music has always been expressive and a reflection of the artist’s own life, it only makes sense that everyone from Tupac to Taylor Swift have created songs expressing their love for the woman that brought them into the world. Those songs cover the entire spectrum, from light and fun to heartfelt and emotional. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist of our all-time favorite songs dedicated to moms. Since we don’t sing or rap, we’re leaving it to those that do to honor all the mamas. Happy Mother’s Day!


1. “Dear Mama”- Tupac
Tupac’s ode to his mother Afeni Shakur has to be one of the most touching and well known dedication songs in music.

2. “Mama’s Song” – Carrie Underwood
In this guitar heavy country song, Underwood reassures her mom that her husband to be is a great man, and marrying him doesn’t mean her mom is losing her.

3. “Hey Mama”- Kanye West
“It don’t got to be Mother’s Day or your birthday for me to call and say, ‘Hey, mama.'” When Kanye made this fun track for his mother, we never imagined it’d be the very song he’d perform in her honor after her death. Counting our lucky stars that she was able to hear it before she passed.

4. “The Best Day” – Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift probably has a lot of great days seeing as how she’s one of the biggest country singers and all. But spending quality time with her mom tops the list of best days she’s ever had.

5. “A Song For Mama” – Boyz II Men

When Boyz II Men’s “A Song For Mama” played on the popular late 90s movie Soul Food, eyes welled with tears. Soulful voices singing lyrics that helms mothers as Queens would make any mama proud. Read more…