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50 Cent Will Go To Trial For Posting Sex Tape Of Rick Ross’ Ex To YouTube


50 Cent will be charged for uploading a nude video to YouTube featuring Rick Ross‘ ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. The incident took place in 2010 when the rapper —AKA Curtis Jackson— allegedly posted footage of Leviston having sex with her then-boyfriend, Maurice Murray. Court documents say Jackson altered the tape by inserting himself into it and blurring out Murray’s face, but Leviston’s face was left unedited. The clip went on to get 3.2 million views, and now Leviston is suing for emotional distress.

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On The Come Up: Rappers With Hilarious Pre-Fame Music Video Cameos


Videos don’t just serve as to promote singles and artists. They can also be an unsuspecting look into the future— a portal of sorts. Some of the biggest names in hip-hop today didn’t just magically appear from nowhere. In a lot of cases they were here all along, lurking in the background of music videos just waiting for their moment in the sun.

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13 Inked Up Rappers’ Most Memorable Tattoos

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Ever since Tupca got “THUG LIFE” brazenly tattooed across his stomach, rappers have been giving bikers a run for their money when it comes to getting inked up. Tattoos can be super cool, super embarassing or just make you say “What the f***?,” but when it comes to hip hop tats, the results are always memorable, at the very least. Even when they’re re on a rapper’s face, or should I say, especially when they’re on a rapper’s face.
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#TBT: Hailie Jade Mathers & Friends Used To Crank That Soulja Boy, 50 Cent Tells The Tale

The world was a completely different place back in 2007; MySpace was the go-to social network, you more than likely owned a flip phone and not a smartphone and a dance craze birthed by an unknown 16-year old took America completely over both on and offline. One of the millions and millions of people who were caught up in the hysteria that was Soulja Boy‘s “Crank That,” was Hailie Jade Mathers, daughter or Grammy award winning rapper EminemRead more…