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Friday Face-Off: Aaron Carter Vs. New Kids On The Block

Labor Day is around the corner, which means it’s time to get your BBQ blazin’ and time to put your white pants in the back of your closet. Yeah, don’t front. Y’all know Labor Day marks this fashion faux pas and the end of summer. Let’s celebrate the impending day off of work by watching music videos that give the last few days of summer some lovin’. Vote now and tell us whether Aaron Carter‘s “Summertime” or New Kids On The Block‘s “Summertime” makes you want to drop your finger lickin’ ribs and cheer. Read more…

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Aaron Carter Calls Out Justin Bieber For Copying “Aaron’s Party” And Now We Have to Factcheck


I guess Aaron Carter‘s parents are out of town (again!) because he’s acting up on Twitter. Just kidding, that’s the premise from his 2000 hit “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)“. It’s 2012, Aaron’s now 24 years old and he doesn’t need permission to have a rager. He does, however, need to be careful who he accuses of music video theft. He recently went on Twitter to call out Justin Bieber’s new music video “Beauty and the Beat” (that Biebs himself wrote, produced and directed) for reminding him of the one for his 12 year old hit. Meanwhile, that song is only six years older than Bieber himself.


Let’s compare them…