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Kiss And Don’t Make Up: A Complete Guide To The Kiss Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Kontroversy

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Kiss fans were delighted this past December when the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally welcomed the pioneering hard rock and heavy metal band into its hallowed ranks, a full 15 years after they were first eligable for inclusion. But within weeks of the announcement their joy turned to sorrow as the various fractured ranks of the band began bickering about who would be recognized and who would play at tomorrow night’s induction ceremonies at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Read more…

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Whose National Anthem Rocked Hardest? [POLL]

Top 10 Rockin' National Anthems

When thrash titans Metallica took the field at San Francisco’s AT&T Park to play “The Star Spangled Banner” last week, they were but the latest in a long line of high energy decibel dealers putting their rough stamp on our hallowed National Anthem. Ever since Jimi Hendrix serenaded the Woodstock faithful that bleary August morning in 1969 with his electric-fried version of “The Star Spangled Banner,” rockers have been figuring out daring different ways to rock Francis Scott Key’s composition in instrumental form. We now present to you the 10 Most Rocking Versions of The National Anthem. Give us your feedback on vote on where you think they rank and remember to vote early and vote often.

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