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Sexy 101: The Hottest Video Vixens In School Girl Uniforms


Many singers have gone back to the classroom and lived out their good school girl gone bad fantasies in their music videos. We’ve seen ladies channel their inner naughty school girl, ripping off the plaid skirts and ties and definitely risking a detention. In P!nk‘s “Don’t Let Me Get Me” we get an up close and personal look inside the locker room, and in Bon Jovi‘s “Runaway” a school girl in a white button up uniform unknowingly becomes part of a wet t-shirt contest.

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10 Rock Bands That Unbelievably Still Have All Their Original Members

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With the exception of maybe Led Zeppelin, nearly every band in the history of rock n’ roll is on tour this summer, or so it seems. Whether they recently reformed or never went away, the lure of concert cash and merch money is enough to make any aging rocker get on the bus. However, the musicians you see playing your favorite songs of yesteryear might be very different than those that played on the original albums. It’s gotten so bad we wrote about 20 Bands with Only One Original Member a couple months back. That’s not the case with these bands.  Read more…

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5 Reasons We’re Still Crazy For Birthday Boy Steven Tyler Of Aerosmith!

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Today marks the 66th birthday of one of rock’s truest free spirits and greatest frontmen, born in New York City as Steven Victor Tallarico but better known to us all as Steven Tyler of legendary Boston hard rockers Aerosmith.

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The 15 Wildest Party Animals In Rock (And The Antics That Made Them Legends)

Biggest Party Animals Of Rock

Rock and roll is filled with stories of disgusting depravity, debauchery, and decadence…that that’s part of the reason why we love it! Sure it’s not very P.C., but it is very D.G.A.F., and we respect that. Tales of rock rebels have been passed down for as  myths for generations. They may seem like urban legends, but the unbelievable part is that most of them are true! Read on to see our picks for the most notorious bad-boy party animals in modern music history -and the antics that earned them their title. Whatever you do, DON’T try any of this at home…

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Friday Face-Off: Best Video Make-Outs!

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and we all have the same thing on our minds: that sultry kiss we’ll be having at the stroke of midnight. Some of you may already have a special someone in mind, while others may be in panic mode. Who is going to be my midnight kiss? your mind is screaming silently. You’ve spent weeks coordinating the perfect NYE party to attend, dedicated endless hours to selecting the sharpest, sleekest and most sequin-tastic attire to wear to said party, and still – the planning is not be complete. Who is going to be your lucky smooch when the ball drops? Read more…

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FREE FALLING! 10 Musicians Whose On-Stage Wipeouts Were Caught On Video

musicians-falling-on-stage It’s all the rage these days to complain about concert attendees who kill the vibe by spending the entire show recording with their mobile phones or, worse, their iPads. While we don’t disagree entirely with the rage against those addicted to their screens, we would like to thank those brave souls who sacrifice the experience of living in the moment in order to capture these moments for posterity, especially when said moments result in once-in-a-lifetime fails. So, won’t you join us and salute these amateur videographers without whose dedication we would never have been able to see this grainy footage of superstar musicians like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Metallica’s Jason Newsted, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler hilariously wiping out on stage for all our enjoyment? (Oh, PS: We turned all of these fails into GIFs for your enjoyment. You’re welcome!) Read more…

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That Metal Show Top 5 Underrated Guitarists


Each week fans tune in to That Metal Show to see Eddie, Jim and Don weigh-in and argue about such important subjects as The Top 5 Jason Newstead Metallica Albums or The Top 5 Best Screams In A Song on the TMS Top 5. This season we’re moving the debate online and letting you, the fans, make your voices heard in our weekly TMS Top 5 polls.

Saturday on That Metal Show, the boys debated who were the most underrated guitarists in hard rock and heavy metal history. Special musical guest Richie Kotzen, who’s played with everyone from Poison to Mr. Big, came out on top but the full list of players is a who’s who of unrecognized or under-appreciated shredders from around the hard rock globe.

Peep the final list along with Eddie, Jim and Don’s selections and then cast your votes below and let us know where you think these guitarists rate. You can vote as many times for as many different guitarists as you like and don’t forget to check back every week for more TMS Top 5 countdowns and watch That Metal Show on VH1 Classic every Saturday night at 11/10C!

TMS Top 5 Underrated Guitarists
1. Richie Kotzen
2. Brad Whitford
3. Dave Meniketti
4. Chris Broderick
5. Wolf Hoffmann

Eddie Trunk
1. Richie Kotzen
2. Dave Meniketti
3. Wolf Hoffmann
4. John 5
5. Snake Sabo/Scotti Hill

Jim Florentine
1. Tom Morello
2. Chris Broderick
3. Mike McCready
4. Phil Demmel
5. Mike Mushok

Don Jamiseon
1. Brad Whitford
2. Scott Gorham
3. Phil Campbell
4. Paul Quinn
5. Kurdt Vanderhoof

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Billy Joel’s Emotional Re-Telling Of “Miami 2017″ Was The Highlight Of Last Night’s Hurricane Sandy Benefit Telethon

A cavalcade of stars, including Sting, Aerosmith, and Jersey’s prodigal sons Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, appeared on a live television special on NBC last night to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. The show was, as you might guess, a mostly somber affair, but Long Island native Billy Joel delivered the evening’s most memorable and emotionally resonant performance by going against the grain and rocking out.

Joel belted out “Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway),” which originally appeared on his 1976 album Turnstiles, an allegorical song in which an imagined natural disaster stood in for the very real (at the time) financial crisis that was affecting the city. In a strange twist of fate, the song now carries more emotional heft than ever, as New York City indeed saw the lights go down on Broadway over the course of the last week. Joel even amended the lyrics to the introductory verses of the song to fit the events of the last few days. “The storm went on beyond the Palisades, out in the Rockaways, the oceans overflowed,” Joel sang. “They shut our power down, Staten Island drowned, but we went right on with the show.”

The song, which Billy Joel described during a 9/11 benefit concert just over 10 years ago as a “science fiction song,” has always been about the unwavering resiliency of New Yorkers during crises, but most would agree that its words ring truer than ever today. Our hearty congratulations go out to Joel, a man who is not often seen performing in public these days, for giving the citizens of NYC an anthem around which everyone in the city can rally behind during a time of true need.

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