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Not That Innocent: The Most Shocking Moments When Good Singers Went Bad (And Sexy!)


It’s gotta be hard if you’re a child star growing up in harsh glare of fame, and incredibly difficult to make the world take you seriously as you get older. As a result, some truly over-the-top antics are sometimes required in order for you to break free from the kid image and assert your independence as an adult! Read on to see some of the most aggressive “I’m not a child anymore” moments of all time. Look out, folks: They’re not that innocent.

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Listen To Lorde’s Kid Sister Cover A Great Big World + Christina Aguilera


Last year turned out to be a breakout year for You Oughta Know artist Lorde, who took over the charts with “Royals.” However, she may have to make room for her 15-year-old sister in 2014. Over the weekend, India “Indy” Yelich-O’Connor tweeted a link to her cover of fellow YOK artist, A Great Big World. Indy took on the band’s “Say Something,” a duet with Christina Aguilera, proving she has vocal talents of her own. Maybe a duet with her big sister is in order?

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The Voices Behind The Hits: 10 Demo Versions Of MONSTER Songs (Sung By The Original Writers)


Hit-making is a collaborative process, with many hands and minds going into the mix to create a finish product. Don’t believe us? Check the credits for your favorite song in the charts today! In among the seemingly dozens of names you’ll find the one tunesmith who had the original germ of the melodic hook…and sometimes even the whole song! Most of these songwriters are unsung heroes (see what we did there?), names and faces unfamiliar to the masses despite the hours of pure pop pleasure they’ve given us over the years. Today we’ve decided to honor them by sharing their original demo versions of some of their greatest hits. Read on and enjoy the original voices behind the songs!

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What Is Going On With Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want?”

lady gaga r kelly

Whether or not you think that ARTPOP was one of the highlights of 2013 or one of its disappointments, everyone has to agree that something very strange is going on with Lady Gaga‘s second single off the album, “Do What U Want.” Not only has the Terry Richardson-directed music video been delayed, but Gaga released a new version of the single featuring that replaced R. Kelly’s vocals with Christina Aguilera‘s. Is it all because of behind-the-scenes creative concerns or is Gaga distancing herself from R. Kelly? What’s true? What’s false? What is happening in the land of Gaga?!?!?

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What Was The Best Thing About Lady Gaga + Christina Aguilera’s “Do What U Want” Duet?

Say what u want about ARTPOP, people, Lady Gaga has been reminding us that she is still the queen of live spectacle — and that’s no small thing these days. Last night, she brought the house down on The Voice, singing for the first time with sometime rumored rival Christina Aguilera. Though we knew in advance that it would happen, and though we’ve watched it a number of times since, we still think it was one of those moments that made people happy they were watching live TV. Lame, groping, girl power … here’s our own countdown of everything that was amazing about it:
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